Online driver training

This is a reminder that FORS operators are able to take advantage of e-learning modules, which are designed to offer drivers concise, accessible training in four modules – Safety, Cycle Safety, Fuel and PCNs.

To date over 2,100 drivers have benefitted from completing the FORS e-learning modules, which consists of a 30 minute course followed by a short quiz. Upon successfully passing the quiz a certificate will become available for your drivers to print.

It is important to note that the certificate is generated using the user name and the email address that the drivers enter when they register for e-learning. It is therefore necessary that you advise your drivers that they must register using their own name and unique email address. Please note that FORS cannot re-issue certificates for drivers that have registered using somebody else’s details.

Please follow this link to view the modules.

For any queries, please contact