Press release: New FORS Tacho Service – detailed fleet analysis to streamline reporting

Press release: New FORS Tacho Service – detailed fleet analysis to streamline reporting

FORS is launching FORS Tacho Service, new tachograph analysis software designed to help ensure accurate and streamlined driver and vehicle data reporting.

The new FORS Tacho Service features cutting edge software provided by Transport Data Interchange (TDI), a FORS Affinity Partner. FORS Affinity Partners are a select group of appointed companies offering discounted, FORS-branded products and services specifically for FORS members.

TDI has provided tachograph analysis for over 30 years, and with its latest generation of software it aims to provide the most advanced, modern solution available to transport operators.

FORS Tacho Service provides dedicated tachograph analysis software. Built on TDI’s Disc-Check, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, the software is hosted securely online, and is now available at discounted rates to the extensive FORS membership base.

FORS Tacho Service can be securely accessed from anywhere and on any device, and supports multiple methods of data transfer, including remote downloads, manufacturer integrations, mobile downloads and ‘Disc-Check transfer’, which can be installed on any Windows machine.

Members that subscribe to FORS Tacho Service will gain access to a modern, intuitive tachograph analysis platform. Using its comprehensive suite of features will help operators increase accuracy and streamline their reporting processes, making it easier to fulfil Bronze requirement D7 – Working time and drivers’ hours of the FORS Standard.

John Brookes, Director of TDI said, “Being able to rely on timely, accurate tachograph data – and then being able to interpret and process that data efficiently – is crucial for operators looking to maintain high professional standards for their fleet. TDI is very much looking forward to assisting FORS members and providing them with the peace of mind that they require.”

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager, said, “Our members are always looking for new ways to manage their fleets more efficiently, achieve greater levels of professionalism and stay ahead of the curve. We therefore look forward to seeing our members benefitting from the software expertise and the advanced functionality that the FORS Tacho Service package has to offer.”

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