Reminder: keep dashboards clear of obstructions

Reminder: keep dashboards clear of obstructions

FORS would like to remind all members of the importance of ensuring vehicle dashboards are kept clear of any obstructions.

Requirement S4 Blindspot minimisation states that ‘fleet operators shall ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight have front, side and rear blind spots eliminated or minimised as far as is practical / possible, through a combination of active and operational direct and indirect vision aids and driver audible alerts.’

While vehicles may have class VI mirrors and other vision aids, such as cameras, fitted to improve visibility, something as small as a tissue box, document folder or hard hat can obstruct a driver’s view. Objects can create a dangerous blindspot with potentially fatal consequences for vulnerable road users.

Additionally, in the event of a collision, loose objects inside the cab can be thrown about violently, potentially causing the driver and/or passenger serious injury.

Drivers should ensure that the dashboard is not obstructed during the walkaround check before they start their shift. Click here for a copy of a HGV driver’s walkaround check handout.