Revised MOCA requirements

Revised MOCA requirements

As you are aware, FORS is raising the bar in its strive to continually improve compliance across all its accredited companies. In order to achieve this, FORS issued revised standards and introduced a number of important changes, one of which is the number of audits required in order to achieve/maintain MOCA.

The revised breakdown is shown below:

  • 1-3 operating centres: each operating centre audited
  • 4-15 operating centres: 3 audits
  • 16 operating centres: 20% of total operating centres audited

Please note that, unless you undergo AND pass all your audits BEFORE 13 October 2014, the above revised breakdown will apply to you. Also to note is that, under the revised bronze standard, the same number of audits will be required in subsequent years. Where possible, bronze re-approval audits will take place at operating centres not previously audited.

Scope of accreditation for MOCA can be across your entire company, division, sector or region, and this will need to be pre-defined when booking your audits so that the relevant number of audits are carried out. If you decide that MOCA is no longer relevant for you, you can simply identify the one operating centre you wish to have accredited and gain SOCA (single operating centre accreditation).

Alternatively, under the revised standards, a new route to accreditation is available which you may feel is more suitable to your organisation: Whole Fleet Accreditation (WFA) – this is available to national fleet operators with sixteen or more operating centres. This accreditation applies to companies that are able to demonstrate that they meet the FORS standards consistently across the whole fleet using their existing in- house auditing team.

WFA is a four stage process:

  • a full FORS audit
  • senior management declaration of scope and that policies and procedures are consistent across the whole fleet
  • a review of the internal transport management quality audit
  • a witnessed audit with a senior FORS auditor

If you have any queries regarding this, or any other aspects of your accreditation, please do not hesitate to contact the helpline on 08448 09 09 44. To book your audit, please complete the audit request form.