Update on exemptions to roadworthiness testing and operator licensing from DfT

Update on exemptions to roadworthiness testing and operator licensing from DfT

Article4-210116The Department for Transport (DfT) consulted about removing some of the current exemptions from road worthiness testing and operator licensing between 11th December 2014 and 5th March 2015. It published summaries of the responses in July 2015. This week the following statement was issued to update stakeholders on progress and timing of the next steps.

To meet EU requirements under the Periodic Roadworthiness Tests for Motor Vehicles and their Trailers Directive (Directive 2014/45/EC) the UK needs to make domestic legislative changes by May 2017 (to come into force by May 2018), to remove or amend the exemptions related to 10 currently exempted categories of vehicles, listed in consultation document as:

  • mobile cranes;
  • breakdown vehicles;
  • some engineering plant and other vehicles;
  • some drying and mixing trailers for some road materials;
  • some road construction vehicles;
  • tower wagons;
  • electrically powered vehicles;
  • medical and some other health related vehicles;
  • some vehicles based on eight Scottish islands; and
  • tractor units towing exempt trailers

DfT aims to proceed with further work on proposals to remove or modify the exemptions for vehicle categories listed above. A decision on final proposals is likely to be made during the next six months.

Through the FORS Bronze standard operators are required to maintain the correct regulatory licences for their operation (M4) and have a vehicle inspection and maintenance plan which is carried out and recorded for all vehicles and specialist equipment (V1). You should plan ahead and prepare for any potential changes by reviewing your maintenance, inspection and testing arrangements for any vehicles you operate that are currently exempt.

For more information, view this document.