New remote auditing page to help you prepare for an upcoming Bronze audit

New remote auditing page to help you prepare for an upcoming Bronze audit

All FORS Bronze audits are now being held remotely. This will continue until 31 January 2021 (inclusive) and will be subject to regular reviews.

FORS recognises that this is a new format of auditing for members to navigate. To help members prepare for an upcoming remote audit, FORS has created a new webpage to equip operators with the information needed.

The page offers tips and advice to guide members through the entire remote auditing process. With general information surrounding remote audits, what do members need to have in place before the audit video call takes place, what will happen on the day of the remote audit and what support tools are available to members, the new page is a valuable tool for any operator preparing for a remote audit.

Additionally, the Remote Bronze Audit page features a Frequently Asked Questions section located at the bottom of the page which provides the top five questions asked by members regarding remote audits, offering tips and answers to the queries.

As well as providing key information to support members with remote audits during this period, FORS and FleetCheck are also offering free online tools to FORS members and further details can be found on the Remote Bronze Audit page.

Bronze, Silver and Gold downgrades will resume from 1 December 2020 for anyone with an expired accreditation who has not got an audit date in the system, or who has not submitted a Silver/Gold application with a valid Bronze. So please request your audit if you haven’t already done so – it can be for a date after 1 December. If you have your audit prior to 1 December but it hasn’t been processed, you will not be downgraded.

To learn more, check the Remote Bronze Audit page here.