Wilson James Fulcrum Software becomes FORS Champion

Wilson James Fulcrum Software becomes FORS Champion

FORS_0505162Wilson James has recently acquired FORS Champion status via its Fulcrum software product.

Launched in 2014, Fulcrum is a complete end-to-end material delivery tool, improving operational efficiencies across construction projects. The software has been recognised as a platform for promoting the values and benefits of FORS.

Peter Jacobs, Managing Director of Construction and Integrated Solutions, Wilson James, said: ‘The benefits we have felt have been dramatic in the years we have been FORS members. It keeps us on our toes, as we strive to excel with our safety standards. The FORS audit is so thorough that if all companies completed it, I’m positive fewer accidents would happen.’

Fulcrum is the first system that links individual vehicles back to a fleet operator. From here, the FORS accreditation assigned to the fleet operator is compared to the minimum standard for the site. This prevents operators who do not meet the minimum standard from being used in the delivery booking.

This approach provides confidence and assurance that from the planning phase; only the appropriately accredited suppliers can be used.

Barrie Diffin, Product Manager for Fulcrum, Wilson James, says: ‘Clients and contractors have a fundamental responsibility in reducing the impacts that construction and transportation has on the local populous and infrastructure. Couple this with the basic necessity of getting materials and equipment delivered to site at the right time, it is no wonder that many are now turning towards delivery management systems as a means of managing risk within their programmes.’