Kayleigh Plant Hire Ltd – Upskilling drivers and reducing risk

Kayleigh Plant Hire Ltd – Upskilling drivers and reducing risk

Kayleigh Plant Hire is a family-run business based in north London operating in London and the South East. We provide a wide range of operated and non-operated plant hire options designed to give a comprehensive service from a single port of call. Jacqueline O’Donovan, our Operations Director, explains how FORS has helped us advance and encourage driver professionalism, reduce road risk, improve the company’s carbon footprint whilst raising our profile through good networking opportunities.

We first saw the FORS stickers on vehicles and once we found out about the standard, we decided it would be a great scheme for our business to be part of. We completed the initial FORS assessment and registration, thus starting the journey towards being a bronze accredited company. We were immediately able to start making the most of the benefits that were and still are available to help us to achieve best practice in our day to day operations.

1Following the initial Bronze audit, we had all our processes in place to be able to progress. The performance management tool has enabled us to evaluate various parts of our operation, all within the one FORS database. It allows us to easily examine and compare output information against windows of time and how we compare to other industry averages.

The next steps included our attendance at all the FORS workshops which have been invaluable, there was always new and innovative ideas being discussed that we applied to our fleet which helped improve safety, efficiency and the environment and ultimately awareness within our industry. As part of our progression, our entire fleet are fitted with nearside blind spot side sensors, reversing cameras, nearside CCTV cameras, forward facing CCTV cameras, “Beware Vehicle Turning Left” and/or “Beware Vehicle Turning Right” alarms, side impact bars, fresnel lenses. The vehicles also carry warning triangles, fire extinguishers and display various warning stickers to advise vulnerable road users. Sharing the knowledge outside the organisation and also within the company has been another major advantage, after the workshop we share information with the managers and drivers. Communication is hugely important to us as a company; we get the FORS message out to staff through training, company newsletter, memos, poster campaigns and toolbox talks.

‘A major benefit that FORS has given us is the access to training for our drivers’ Jacqueline O’Donovan, Operations Director

One of the most beneficial things about being a FORS accredited company is the ability to up-skill our drivers through accessing the free Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) training. Our drivers enjoyed the training as it was relevant to them in their everyday roles. It has made them feel valued and invested in as professionals with recognition for the complex job that they do. Our drivers are more aware of their responsibilities as representatives of our company when completing their duties both on the road and on-site. As a company, we have continued to encourage our drivers to aim higher and gain their qualifications.

“After achieving the silver accreditation, it spurred the whole company on to go for gold with staff being keener than ever to be seen as professional drivers working for a FORS gold accredited company.”

Our progression from silver to gold highlights the level of investment in our staff and operations and shows our customers how seriously we take the safety of vulnerable road users and providing our drivers with every available aid to minimise the blind spot, making every journey a safer one. Building relationships is something FORS has really facilitated for us, meeting and working with others from similar and complimentary industries has assisted with progression from Bronze to Silver then to Gold.

Performance data – by adopting and implementing FORS Standards we have increased our MPG achieved by 3.4% and reduced the number of PCNs by 87.5%. Similarly we have seen reductions in CO2, NOX and PM emissions. This has brought both environmental as well as economical benefits.

MPG Number of PCNs
Jun 14 – Jun 15 7.31 8
Jun 16 – Jun 17 7.58 1
Percentage improvement 3.4% 87.5%

Driver health and fitness review – recognising the importance of driver health and welfare, in addition to our own in-house measures, we have also joined the ‘Constructing Better Health’ scheme which helps us manage driver’s health even more thoroughly including through the use of Occupational Health Service Providers.

2Noise assessment – in order to reduce any noise generated by our operations one of the measures we have undertaken is to ensure that our reversing alarms are of a ‘white noise’ type meaning that the noise generated is only heard in the immediate vicinity.

Alternative fuel vehicles – we have identified the need to start looking at alternatively fuelled vehicles. Although we have not identified a suitable HGV option, we have decided to ‘dip our toe in the water’ by acquiring our first electric van and charging point.

As a family run business Kayleigh Plant Hire is very confident in its ongoing commitment to FORS. We have made huge strides in our fleet improvements and will continue to monitor our driver performance and welfare. We are ensuring our procurement policy is sourcing Euro VI vehicles and our environmental impact is a key factor in improving emissions and managing data.

Through FORS we have become an employer of choice with a reputation for recognising our drivers as professionals. We will continue our commitment to road safety and raising awareness of the importance of collaboration with other road users whilst maintaining our standing within the industry as a safe and efficient operator.

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Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.