Van Smart

Van SafetyVan Smart is a Transport for London (TfL) backed driver training programme that aims to reduce work related road risks, improve safety and create long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

In London, vans account for 80 per cent of all road freight mileage. 10 per cent of road traffic incidents involve a van and 11 per cent of these incidents result in serious injury or fatality. A DVSA (then VOSA) report revealed that many vans fail their MOT first time and 89 per cent of those stopped were found to be overweight.

Components include:

  • A Driver Handbook – covering everything a van driver needs to know about how to be a safe, professional and courteous driver. This handbook is the takeaway from the Van Smart driver training course
  • A Toolkit for Managers – essentially a ‘How to’ guide for fleet operators and transport managers to help implement the Van Smart programme. The toolkit includes guidance on recruiting safety-minded staff, improving driving standards and running internal safety campaigns. It also includes Van Smart tools such as toolbox talks and awareness posters
  • A Competency Framework – this underpins the whole programme and defines what competencies van drivers need to have, what they need to do, and when and what behaviours they should demonstrate
  • Toolbox Talks – six driver briefings that promote informal discussion with the workforce. Each one focuses on a particular safety issue and mirror the key messages of the Van Smart training programme
  • Poster Set – a series of posters that visually communicate the six key messages of the Van Smart training programme

 Van Smart Driver Training Course

  • A fully accredited driver CPC modular training course for van drivers comprising of both the theory and practical (on-bike) modules.