Bronze audit

The audit process is about providing evidence of systems, procedures and documentation that demonstrates that the required standards of entry into FORS Bronze accreditation are met.


To help you prepare for audit, we’ve put together a list of documents that the auditor will want to see:

  • Company policy documents
  • Your operator licence and any other licenses specific to the transportation of goods or waste
  • Employees handbook
  • Driver’s handbook
  • Company structure
  • Fleet list
  • Training manual
  • Driver contracts (including sub-contracted or agency)
  • Driver licence checking process

Basic information

  • A list of the vehicle types that your company uses; body type, gross vehicle weight and quantity will be required.
  • The person responsible for maintaining quality standards within the company should attend the audit.


  • Gather hard copies of servicing schedules and records, driver checks, tax and insurance.
  • Documents that can demonstrate the company approach to vehicle incidents and policies, insurances and preventative or reactionary measures will need to be shown to the auditor.
  • If your company hire vehicles you will need to explain how this is done and provide evidence of the company policy on short term hire.

Drivers and journeys

The auditor will need to understand:

  • How you manage driver licenses
  • How you assess new drivers
  • What training is offered to drivers (including driver CPC)
  • The management of vehicle allocation to drivers.

You will need to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a working time and drivers hours’ policy?
  • Is there a way of monitoring working time?
  • How are drivers’ hours’ taken in to consideration when planning a route?
  • What is the process for tachograph management, calibration and sealing?
  • What is the process for maintaining employee health and fitness?
  • What is the company policy for managing driver speeds? Are the fines paid by the driver?
  • Do you use agency or sub-contracted drivers? How is this managed?
  • Have you focused on the issue of vulnerable road users? What have you done to mitigate the risks?
  • What is the process for dealing with the congestion charge or road tolls? Do you have a company policy that explains how this is managed?
  • How does the company deal with the use of mobile phones while driving?
  • The auditor will need to see the health and safety policy documents, will want to gauge the level of training and awareness across the company and who is responsible for managing health and safety and all documentation regarding your risk assessment policies.


  • Do you have an operator licence policy? How do you manage processes directly connected with the operator licence?
  • How do you manage and monitor costs associated with penalty charge notices? Is there a policy for payments and penalties?
  • Do you have a waste management licence or carry goods that are subject to ADR?
  • How do you keep up to date on legislation and industry news?
  • Is there a process for managing fuel costs and usage, and is there a company policy for this?
  • Do you benchmark your fuel efficiency internally or with other companies in the industry?


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