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FORS operators and drivers are able to take advantage of the eLearning modules listed below, which are designed to offer drivers and managers concise, accessible training. To date over 93,000 FORS Professional eLearning modules have been completed by drivers and managers. FORS eLearning modules generally take 30-40 minutes to complete and are followed by a short quiz. Certificates are available to download on successful completion of the quiz and your name will automatically be added to the FORS Professional training register.

To support those operators and drivers with limited computer or no internet access, PowerPoint group delivery training packs are available for Van Smart, Cycle Safety and Smart Driving. The aim of the training pack is to give added flexibility to members, enabling operators to embrace the continued professional development of their drivers. If you would like to access this brand new training pack, please  email the FORS helpline enquiries@fors-online.org.uk so that we can send the material to you – this is in the form of a USB with full instructions on how to deliver the training.

If you would like an overview of all the eLearning modules available for drivers and managers in a handy printable leaflet, please click on the button below.




In August 2016, the FORS Cycle Safety eLearning module won an A’ Design Award in the education and training content design category. The A’ Design Award & Competition is a global design initiative to allow designers, innovators and companies, from all industries, to highlight and promote their products and services to a wider audience.



This new module aims to raise driver awareness of potential security and terrorist threats, specifically in terms of theft of vehicles or loads and the use of vehicles as weapons. It also aims to improve driver identification and reporting of suspicious behaviour or activity. Learners will cover a number of security aspects, including how to identify the different forms of threat that exist in terms of vehicle security and terrorism, understand the measures they can take to reduce putting themselves or their vehicles at risk of hijack, theft or physical attack, reduce the risks of fuel theft and identify and report suspicious behaviour or activity. Though primarily aimed at drivers, managers are also encouraged to undertake this important security and counter terrorism module.

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This new module replaces the existing Parking and Loading Legally module and assessment. Using 3D sequences and scenarios, it follows a driver as he makes his deliveries throughout a typical day. The module intends to encourage both commercial truck and van drivers to comply more closely with the rules and regulations associated with parking and loading and to improve knowledge and delivery behaviour to avoid fines and charges.

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Practically applying theoretical information learned in the classroom training, the TruckSmart eLearning module follows a ‘day in the life’ of an HGV driver and his co-driver. Learners cover topics such as walk around checks, defect reporting, safe loading and load security, to advise and make good practice decisions on behalf of the drivers in the variety of scenarios they encounter.

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CYCLE SAFETYeducation and training

This course will provide you with essential information about cycle safety concentrating on driver attitude and perception, an introduction to active travel and hazard recognition. It will help you recognise causes and minimise the risk of collisions with vulnerable road users.

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‘On route to a good day’ – this course has been designed to simulate a typical driver’s day and encourages good practice across all aspects of being a van driver. You will work through a range of typical scenarios that a driver may face in their daily routine and be asked to make informed decisions.

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Featuring a 3D animation of a collision, it is then seen in reverse where the factors that may have contributed to the collision are explored. The module focuses on the basics of road safety and explores some of the more advanced techniques of concentration, observation and anticipation.

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Course participants will learn fuel efficient driving techniques to save fuel and benefit the environment.


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Managers will benefit from a thorough grounding in alternative fuel vehicles and their pros and cons against traditional diesel and petrol power. Please note that no certificate will be issued for this module.

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This is a follow-up eLearning module for those who have attended the classroom learning for Road Risk Champion. Please note this module must be completed within 30 days of attending the classroom course.

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This is a follow-up eLearning module for those who will be investigating collisions and who have attended the classroom learning for Collision Investigator. Please note this module must be completed within 30 days of attending the classroom course.

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