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Promote cleaner vehicles and fuel-efficient practices to reduce environmental impact. Reduce accidents and incidents through driver training and safety measures. Streamline operations, cut costs, and optimise routes. Earn certification and reputation enhancement.

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What is FORS?

FORS is a voluntary accreditation program designed to improve standards in the road transport industry.

FORS assesses and recognises fleet performance in key areas: environmental impact, safety, and operational efficiency. The program provides a framework and sets benchmarks to help operators enhance their performance in these areas.

FORS offers progressive levels (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) for continuous improvement and recognition.

Become FORS accredited and set your fleet on a path to sustainability, safety, and success.

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Click below and fill in the online form to register.

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Independent FORS Auditor will ensure operators meet specific standards. It involves providing evidence of systems and procedures that meet the FORS Standard criteria.

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Gain certification and recognition that will enhance your reputation and secure contracts with standards-focused organisations.

Who is FORS for?

FORS is aimed at commercial fleet operators, including companies that manage a variety of vehicles such as HGVs, vans, and buses.

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Companies accredited

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The UK’s leading fleet accreditation


“The ongoing continuation of our FORS accreditation has been instrumental in guiding the business and assisting it in developing, implementing maintaining and continuously improving a robust system of Staff Development.”

Mark Chamberlain, Managing Director