Your route to best practice


Gain quality assurance

Being associated with FORS is a mark of quality for your products and services, as well a recommendation of their effectiveness in helping members reach the required standard. Both Associates and Affinity Partners can use the FORS logo on stationery, email and literature.

Boost sales

FORS gives you direct access to a highly engaged fleet transport audience actively looking for the best tools to help them to achieve and maintain their FORS accreditation, presenting you with the perfect sales opportunity.

Showcase your new ideas

FORS provides a range of digital marketing and advertising opportunities to help you get across the unique benefits of your latest offering to its members. You will be listed as an Associate, Affinity Partner or Pre-audit Service Provider on FORS Online and your company profile displayed on the offers page. You will gain discount on: adverts on FORS Online and eNews, ticket price and sponsorship.

Prove your expertise

Sponsoring the FORS Practitioner Workshops gets you face-to-face with the operators, enabling you to raise awareness of your business, show the relevance of your offering, and illustrate how you can help them towards accreditation and best practice.

Suppliers benefits Associate Affinity Partner  Pre-audit Service Provider
Use of the FORS Supplier and Supporter logo BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
Listed as an Associate or Affinity Partner on FORS online BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
The opportunity to publish case studies BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
Discounts on stands at FORS events BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
Discounts on ticket price and sponsorship of FORS workshops and events BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
Company profile displayed in the FORS Offers and Discounts listings page BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
Online independent product / service review and feedback BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET
FORS branded products / services BLUE-BULLET
Company profile displayed on a dedicated Pre-audit listings page BLUE-BULLET
Ability to confirm what qualifies their company to provide a FORS Accredited pre-audit service BLUE-BULLET
Discounted advertising opportunity in FORS printed media BLUE-BULLET BLUE-BULLET

How does it work?

There are three different types of FORS Suppliers.

Support and promote the FORS Standard: Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation

You will instil a mindset of continual improvement, joining an elite group that helps boast exemplary levels of safety, efficiency and environmental awareness. The purpose of the audit is to make sure that the operators meet specific exacting standards. For more information on the audits, click here.






FORS Associate

There is an annual subscription fee for becoming a FORS Associate based on the total annual revenue of your organisation.

Annual revenue based on latest audited accounts


£0 – £1m


£1 – £5m


£5 – £10m




Pre-audit Service Providers

The annual cost of advertising on FORS Online is as follows:

  • Sole trader £500 + VAT
  • Others £1,000 + VAT

Please download the Suppliers and Supporters manual for more information.

FORS setting the standard




Who’s on board

See which companies have become a FORS Associate, helping to support FORS accredited companies to improve the overall levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection within the industry.

FORS Associates and Affinity Partners provide a number of exclusive offers and discounts aligned to the requirements of the FORS Standard.
You can also leave feedback about your experience with that company.


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