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Independent fuel pricing for cost saving & decision making

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Helping FORS operators monitor fuel costs and reduce spend

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FORS Fuel Pricing and Analytics is the home of UK market fuel price data and analysis for commercial fuel users, a service provided by Portland as a FORS Affinity Partner.

Portland Pricing

We make fuel purchasing simple and understandable by providing insight into the way fuel is priced, which will help you monitor costs and reduce spend. Our range of expertise encompasses every aspect of the downstream fuel supply chain, from refinery to pump, covering both the traditional and future fuel markets.

We offer five toolkits that will allow your business to see how fuel prices are calculated, enable you to check costs against supplier or transport agreements, and reduce spend using the information we provide.

Toolkits include:

Other benefits the FORS PCN Management Service includes:

  • Delivered-In (Bulk Fuels) – Average cost of bulk fuel
  • Renewables (Alternative Fuels) – Prices and emissions data for alternative fuels
  • Wholesale – Underlying wholesale fuel cost prices
  • Fuel Card – Average weekly fuel card prices
  • Forecourt – Retail prices available at fuel stations

Portland Analytics

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Portland Analytics

Portland Analytics is a fuel and energy consultancy that provides a range of technical and specialist advisory services to businesses and government organisations across the UK, Europe and the Americas.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Alternative fuels and the transition to a lower carbon future
  • Decarbonisation / carbon reduction strategies
  • Fuel supply chain reviews
  • Fuel tender services
  • Fuel market reports
  • Fuel pricing methodologies
  • Procurement reviews


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