FORS Members’ Conference 2018 – Speakers

Please see below the panel of expert speakers:


Brian Weatherley – Conference Chairman

Brian Weatherly, is the former Editor-in-Chief of Commercial Motor and Truck & Driver magazine, and has been writing and commenting on the road transport industry for over 30 years. In addition to being a freelance journalist since 2009, he also works as a video presenter, runs a B2B media training company and regularly chairs industry conferences and seminars. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

John Hix

John Hix is Director for the FORS Community Partnership and has been involved with FORS since its earliest days. He is responsible for managing the FORS Concession. John has over 25 years’ experience of freight policy and regulation, logistics planning and operational best practice, with specific expertise in freight traffic management, lorry parking, the safe transport of dangerous goods and best practice in the mitigation of transport externalities.

Paul Wilkes

 Paul is FORS Business Services Manager responsible for developing partnerships and commercial activities to support the growth of FORS. With over a decade of experience in fleet management, Paul is particularly interested in how technology can be used to raise standards within the transport industry. Paul is helping to improve the reputation of the fleet industry by raising the bar for safety – ensuring drivers have the right training and their vehicles have the correct safety equipment fitted to help reduce collisions.



Robert Flello 

Robert is a political, transport and business consultant, chairs Brevia Consultancy’s Transport Board, and is CEO of the Oulton Abbey estate. He speaks at conferences, writes articles, and has extensive TV and radio experience. Robert was on the Transport Select Committee, founded the Parliamentary Freight Transport Group, was on the Speaker’s Panel, and a Shadow Justice Minister. He was Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Secretaries of State for Defence, Communities & Local Government, Cabinet Office, and Lord Chancellor. A chemistry graduate, Robert worked for HMRC, Price Waterhouse, Arthur Andersen, his own finance company, then ran a charity.

Emma Jennings

Emma Jennings, Director of Education at The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK, joined her current role in February 2018 from a leadership role at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. Emma combines a deep understanding of professional education with future workforce insights to help managers decide where to place their bets when it comes to continuing professional development in logistics, transport and supply chain. Not all learning and development leaders begin their careers in retail management accounting and IT services sales, but an unconventional career path has its advantages in bringing fresh thinking to knotty problems.

Peter Kay

Peter is Head of Learning & Development (L&D) for Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. He is responsible for Tarmac’s L&D strategy, aligning activities to support the businesses strategic priorities. His team works to ensure Tarmac’s L&D practices, from knowledge acquisition to application, promote and recognise reflective practices through work-based learning. Peter is also responsible for Tarmac’s early career strategy and plays a leading role in establishing industry relevant apprenticeship standards.

Glen Davies

Glen, FORS Technical Adviser, has been employed in logistics and transport all of his working life. After 20 years in operational logistics he was employed by Transport for London to establish FORS in 2007 where he led the initiative for nine years, alongside delivering a range of environmental and safety projects with the freight and fleet industry. In particular, Glen created the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) initiative, developed the HGV Direct Vision Standard and initiated the LoCITY programme which is stimulating the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles. Glen now leads on a range special projects in the fields of freight transport, city logistics, environment and safety at FORS and CILT.

Andrew Drewary 

An award-winning road safety specialist and collision/incident investigator and analyst. Has won the Safety Award at the CILT Annual Awards for Excellence 2016, the Safety Award at the SHD Logistics Awards 2017, and was Highly Commended for the Fleet Safety Analysis and Action Award at the Brake Fleet Safety Awards 2016. Andrew has managed investigation and analysis process for over 37,000 road traffic collisions over the last 18 years. The information analysed from these collisions has enabled him to provide bespoke, innovative and interactive road safety solutions to fleet operators. With direct engagement, education and re-education of employers and employees, he has helped customers achieve substantial savings by implementing a proactive risk prevention approach based on robust work related road risk policies and improved driver health and well-being.

Alina Tuerk

Alina is a qualified Transport Planner with experience in the private and public sector, both in the UK and internationally. Her current role is Delivery Planning Manager (Freight) in City Planning at Transport for London. Together with her team, she is responsible for developing and managing a number of large initiatives including FORS, CLOCS and the Direct Vision Standard. The current focus of her work is on integrating provision for deliveries and servicing of transport planning projects, supporting the aims set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Derek Rees

Derek Rees is Programme Director of CLOCS, Construction Logistics and Community Safety. Trained as Construction Manager, he’s been at the core of national construction sector improvement programme for nearly 30 years and is committed to ensuring every company and individual focuses on delivering the best possible service to their customers and employers, to maximising profits for reinvestment in Research and Development and training, and to attracting the best future talent into our sector.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a warranted investigator based in the Environment Agencies National Prevention and Disruption team, a team which was set up 18 months ago to tackle organised criminality within the waste industry. Prior to this, between 2009 to 2017, Mark was part of the Midlands Region Environmental Crime team specialising in waste regulatory enforcement. Mark’s former employment was within the road haulage industry for a period of 12 years. As a result of this, he benefits from understanding the constraints and complexities haulage operators face when it comes to their environmental compliance and associated responsibilities. As part of his current role, he specialises in advising and guiding haulage operators who act as either waste brokers, dealers, carriers or disposers with regard to their Duty of Care responsibilities.

Graham Holder

Graham has worked within the transport logistics industry for 27 years. He started as a driver and progressed through to transport management, compliance auditing and conducting transport inspections. Over the past three years, Graham has been heavily involved with FORS, and is now FORS Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance.


Alan Harvey

Alan Harvey is Head of Auditing for FORS and is responsible for the day to day audit operations of the FORS certification body, ensuring that FORS accredited organisations are audited in line with the FORS Standard. Before this role Alan served in the British Army for 25 years where he was responsible for training Ministry of Defence logistic auditors. To meet the logistic operational requirements of Defence, this included the planning, design, management and delivery of 26 specialist military and civilian logistic qualifications for the largest residential logistics school in the world.


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