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A revolutionary, pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool

My FORS Transport Planner, is a revolutionary, pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool designed for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

My FORS Transport Planner helps fleets to deliver the valuable efficiency gains, measured in five key areas:

  1. A saving in planning time – Import your jobs, allocate and optimise in minutes. You can also drag n droptimise™ from the map, make manual changes and generate customer ETAs
  2. A reduction in total mileage – Reduce your total fleet mileage by up to 20% compared to manually planning your routes. Our powerful algorithms calculate the most efficient routes and schedules for you.
  3. An increase in productivity – Spend less time planning and more time increasing vehicle productivity and utilisation. Our quick allocation process makes this simple.
  4. A reduction in costs – Cut your transport costs by up to 30% through lower fleet mileage, reduced planning time, improved safety, and higher vehicle utilisation. Minimise overtime and sub-contractor usage.
  5. A reduction in emissions – Travelling fewer miles will naturally help lower your emissions. Furthermore, My Transport Planner can also optimise your electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as e-cargo bikes

My FORS Transport Planner can also optimise electric, hybrid and mixed fuel fleets with the ability to consider infrastructure and recharging times.

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