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    TS Driver Fatigue Monitor

    The new Driver Fatigue early warning system from Transport Support is designed to detect the signs of fatigue by monitoring the facial expressions of the driver and sound an alert when fatigue is detected. It uses automotive-grade image sensors, which capture infrared images of people, and a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor for digital image processing and analysis. With its advanced non-contact mode and algorithms, it ensures that driver will be warned promptly when fatigue occurs to protect life and property.

    Drivers normally aren’t aware that they are fatigued until the actual accident happens. One of the most important functions of the early warning system is to let the drivers understand they are actually in fatigue driving and increase their alertness level. Once the system detects the driver is under fatigue driving, it will send a warning signal immediately to the driver based on PERCLOS (A Valid Psycho-physiological Measure of Alertness) analysis.

    Under some circumstances, a driver probably will fall in sleep suddenly due to fatigue driving; the early warning system will make a sharp and loud sound to awake the driver at that critical time, which is the other very important function of this system.
    When the fatigue warning sounds, the driver should pull over immediately to have a rest and avoid an accident. If the driver continues to drive without any rest, the system will remind the driver to have a rest by making a sharp and loud sound whenever necessary.

    Our TSDFM has an attractive appearance and a small size. It is less than one third size of a 4.3-inch Navigator and will not block the driver’s vision. With a universal rotating base it is easy to install and adjust. You can put it right above of the dashboard, or in the middle of the instrument panel. It looks like a camera, but it is an integration of high-end infrared cameras, microprocessor, memory modules and alarm system inside. All components can work between -45 degrees to +85 degrees.


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