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Pre-Audit Service Providers

Pre-Audit service providers are companies who provide 'pre-audit' services to help organisations gain FORS accreditation. Current providers are listed below in a random order. Click their name to view more information about their services and display contact information.

Please note that these companies are not endorsed or accredited by FORS and any use of these companies is entirely at your own risk. Members are encouraged to consider any feedback shown on the site about these companies before engaging with them.

Milebay Consultancy Ltd

  • We can help with improving and implementing your FORS Bronze policies and procedures as well as providing all documents that are required for FORS.
  • We can also help with your application for Silver and Gold accreditation and provide all supporting documentation that is required.
  • All our policies, procedures and risk assessments are mapped to the latest FORS standards.
  • Our specialist consultants are all FORS Practitioners and have many years of experience in helping small and large operators gain their accreditation.
  • Other services we provide include operator’s licence applications, transport manager services, Driver/Manager Training including CPC, Safe Urban Driving Version 2 (SUD), Staying Legal, Van Smart, FORS E-Learning and Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT).
  • Drivers CPC Training: Drivers Hours Law & Tachograph, Loads & Load Security and Vehicle Maintenance and Defect Reporting.

Call for an informal chat to see if we can help.

Haulage Training Institute

Haulage Training Institute (HTI) specialise in the Road Haulage Training & Consultancy Services. Over the past 3 years, we have helped over 500+ independent businesses both small and large, to achieve their Bronze, Silver & Gold accreditations within the South East Region. Our working strategy is very simple and clear and our policies and procedures are mapped to fit within your business profile.

In addition, we also offer the following services:

  • Driver CPC Periodic training hours (10 courses to choose from) available for both HGV & PCV
  • Operator Licence Compliance audit 
  • CPC Transport Manager courses
  • Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) 1 day course (recognised by the Traffic Commissioner)
  • CPC Transport Manager Refresher 1 & 2 day courses (recognised by the Traffic Commissioner)
  • Driver Licence checks
  • Analogue and Digital Tachograph analysis

We are based in Slough (near Heathrow) and are willing to travel to you. For further information please check our website or call us.

Ridgeway Training

Ridgeway has been supporting many companies in the South East for a long time, with customers proudly displaying their logos on Emails, Letterheads and most importantly of all on their vehicles. 

What’s in it for me? Support, Information & Development

The whole concept behind FORS was to support the Freight Industry in improving its image, it was so successful that it changed to include both Freight and Passenger thus becoming the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. FORS has a bank of tools, education options and support for compliance that any member will benefit greatly with three levels of accreditation, Bronze, Silver & Gold.

The process is not one to be under estimated, there is no stone left unturned in the audits and you are expected to both monitor and maintain your accreditation.

You may be confident you have dotted the “i’s” and crossed all the “T’s” but over two thirds of the industries are found wanting in many areas. With our comprehensive set of policies, procedures and handbooks we are now your one stop shop to gain your FORS accreditation at every level. Once in place we urge you to utilise them and build from this entry level platform.

Silver, your company has been running FORS bronze for a minimum of 15 days by now but we urge you to consider at least Six months of capturing data, monitoring compliance, utilising all the training aids and getting a feel for what is required from you. How do you now monitor C02, Accidents, Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) and how do you keep on top of your whole fleet performance? These are the questions you need to answer before picking up the phone to us or even considering the next step to Silver. We can help you or we can manage the whole process for you and have packages to support your business going forward.

Gold, this is the highest level which can be achieved, once here you can join the few who have proved their compliance, dedication and intent to improve the image associated with large vehicle operators. This may be a daunting step for any operator but let us guide you through the whole process, we have the experience and tools to provide you with all the support required as a few of our customers are already proudly displaying their Gold Logo on the South East roads.

Road Skills Ltd

Road Skills have been successfully helping clients both small and large acheive their FORS Bronze audits since the scheme began using our

  • FORS Bronze Manual, which is mapped to the current FORS Standard, providing all the required policies, procedures and systems to ensure that you implement and evidence all that is required to be undertaken to successfully pass your Bronze audit, similarly we have the
  • FORS Silver Manual, again mapped to the current FORS Standard, ready to guide you to a successful Silver accreditation
  • Our Fastrak service which incorporates the use of our manual, ensures you have applied & understood all the intricate nuances required to acheive your FORS Accreditation Bronze Silver or Gold, helping you put in place the systems to maintain your FORS Accreditation going forward
  • DCPC and Proffessional Development Driver training to support your FORS Application
  • FORS PASS Online management system to ensure you are always pre audit ready
  • Licence Checking 
  • Team support available

Progressive Logistics Ltd

Progressive Logistics Ltd are able to offer  pre audit services to existing FORS registered companies and those who may be interested in seeking accreditation.

As a current FORS Practitioner Chris Metcalfe has the knowledge of exactly what is required to gain the accreditation first time which can be passed on and all the relevant documentation set up for you.

We will visit your site and see what documentation, procedures and manuals you already have in place and then fill in the gaps to make sure they meet the FORS requirements. Following the visit we will prepare documentation for you and then be available to fine tune and answer any further questions right up to the day of the audit

Following that we can maintain your FORS documentation to ensure it is up to date and we are able to provide support for Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditations.

Other services offered by us are O licence compliance audits, Driver CPC training, fuel efficiency projects and Transport Manager support.



JCS Transport Consultancy Ltd

JCS is a Transport Consultancy Company specialising in assisting fleet operators obtain and retain their FORS accreditation.

The company Director Jamie Campbell CMILT is a certified FORS Auditor and FORS Practitioner and has conducted over 250 Audits on behalf of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.  This has given him detailed knowledge of exactly what needs to be in place to ensure a first time audit pass ensuring your company obtains accreditation in a timely manner.

JCS can provide a number of services linked to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme ranging from a Pre Audit for company’s who feel they may be ready for the FORS audit process through to the FULL Implementation of the FORS standard requirements ensuring a smooth and painless route to accreditation. 

For operators who already hold Bronze Level accreditation JCS can also support you on your journey up through Silver and onto Gold Level.

Please contact Jamie to see what JCS can do for you.