FORS Toolbox Talks

FORS-Logo-Tagline_TransThese Toolbox Talks provide you with valuable information and support material that will help you to promote your company’s safety, efficiency and environmental culture to your drivers and help meet the FORS Bronze requirements.

As a FORS operator it’s important that your drivers understand what FORS is and what their duties are to support your accreditation under the scheme. A Toolbox Talk pack has been developed to help you achieve this.

This Toolbox Talk pack is made up of the following components:

  • Introduction to Toolbox Talks –  This document provides information on how to use and deliver the toolbox talks.
  • Attendance Register and Follow-up Questions – This document should be used to record the names of all those taking part in the talk and any questions asked during the talk.  
  • 13 Toolbox Talks and Supporting Slide Packs – To be given to your company’s drivers / agency drivers. The talks are:
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V2: Defect checks
V5: Safe loading and load restraints
V7: Vulnerable road user safety
V8: Personal safety in or around vehicles
V9: Vehicle manouvering
D2: Driving standards
D5: In-cab technology
D6: Health and safety
D7: Driver fitness and health
D8: Drivers’ hours and working time
O1: Routing and scheduling
O3: Incidents and insurance
M11: Tyre and fuel management