Bridge strikes by HGVs happen every day. They cause millions of pounds of damage each year, as well as cause negative social and environmental impacts such as injuries, congestion and air pollution. Bridge strike incidents also incur significant costs for HGV operators and public agencies, generating possible reputational damage and legal action. Bridge strikes are entirely avoidable if the right measures are put in place. Transport for London (TfL) has joined Highways England, Network Rail, local authorities and emergency services around the country in taking action to reduce the harm caused by bridge strikes.

The Bridge Smart toolkit is formed of three themes to:

  • Re-set the culture about preventing bridge strikes in the freight transport sector
  • Help operators re-learn best practices through raising awareness, education and training
  • Re-gain industry best practice to prevent bridge strikes

This toolkit explains smart, practical and easily adoptable measures that all HGV operators can take to reduce their risk of bridge strikes and, in the worst-case scenario, respond appropriately if they happen. It includes tools for improving driver knowledge, examples of best practice, internal communications resources and posters.

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is targeted at HGV operators of all fleet sizes and types. It is recommended for transport managers, supervisors and driver trainers.

How to access further training?

Two other training resources support this toolkit and are available to FORS operators:

  • An online, interactive eLearning module that embeds toolkit knowledge about how to prevent bridge strikes
  • A group delivery version of the eLearning, which is suitable if online learning is not appropriate for an operator’s business

These short and interactive training modules are aimed at driving staff, but transport managers and supervisors should also access one of these learning resources so that they are fully aware of all relevant issues.

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