FORS-Logo-Tagline_TransThis toolkit aims to help operators reduce the number and severity of road traffic collisions that their vehicles are involved in. By actively managing road risk and engaging with the workforce, it is possible to reduce the risk of collisions.

The toolkit sets out a framework for collision management that shows how an organisation can set up a collision
management policy,  processes and procedures. Key to this is defining management responsibility, and appointing and training a Road Risk Champion to oversee it.

Investigating individual collisions is critical to understanding cause and effect. Doing this effectively will minimise financial exposure and
allow review of policy and remedial actions to minimise the chances of reoccurrence. Key to this is the appointment and training of a Collision Investigator/s to oversee the implementation of collision investigation processes and work alongside the Road Risk Champion.

The toolkit also looks at other ways of reducing collision incidence through incentive schemes and the use of technology. The toolkit includes a number of forms that can help you managed collisions. Please access the forms either within the toolkit or by clicking on each button.

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