Coronavirus – downgrades resume from 1 December


Bronze, Silver and Gold downgrades will resume from 1 December 2020 for anyone with an expired accreditation who has not got a Bronze audit date in the system, or who has not submitted a Silver/Gold application with a valid Bronze by the 30 November 2020 deadline. If you have your audit prior to 1 December but it hasn’t been processed, you will not be downgraded.

Daily downgrades restart from 1 December – please make sure you pass your audits before your accreditation expires otherwise your organisation will be downgraded.


Bronze audits requested to be undertaken between now and 31 January 2021 (inclusive) will be conducted as remote audits. Until further notice, Bronze audits to be undertaken from 1 February 2021 can be requested as either remote or on-site.

Silver/Gold audits are online and will continue as usual. Please make sure you have a valid Bronze before submitting your Silver/Gold application.

For more information about Bronze remote audits, click here.


Online manager and funded driver training will continue to be delivered as scheduled. If you can no longer attend a FORS Professional discounted manager webinar, please check the FORS Professional cancellation policy and the cancellation policy in place with the relevant training provider for funded driver training. For non-funded driver training, if unsure please check with your training provider that your training is going ahead, and if you can no longer attend, please check the cancellation policy in place with the relevant training provider.

If you have any queries, please email