FORS Values

FORS has adopted a set of values which guide our work and enable us to be clear as to our purpose and our method.

We value:
• The safety of all road users with special emphasis on vulnerable road users
• Innovation and a culture of continuous improvement
• Respect for the environment
• Stakeholder collaboration, participation and engagement
• Ethical behaviour and the highest professional standards

FORS Vision

Our vision is to enable all fleet operators to attain and maintain the best possible level of productivity and efficiency with the least impact on society and the environment and to facilitate continuous improvements in operating standards.

FORS Mission

Our mission is to manage, deliver and develop the FORS Standard as the single standard for safety and environmental best practice in fleet operations across the UK and beyond.

We will increase the number of participating fleets and the number and range of contracts which specify FORS requirement across all sectors.  Ultimately all fleets will attain the Standard and all contract specifiers will require it.

FORS Goals

The goals for FORS are:

  • To be recognised as the leading best practice standard by fleet operators and contract specifiers
  • To deliver continuous improvements in road safety and operational performance
  • To minimise the impact on our environment of all fleet operations and service activity
  • To ensure the FORS Standard remains relevant, accessible and up to date
  • To encourage and foster professional standards for managers and drivers and actively support the progression of operators through the levels of the FORS Standard