goldFORS Gold requirements primarily involve best practice measures, including you promoting the FORS Standard through your supply chain and demonstrating meaningful improvements against the baseline data gathered in FORS Silver.

Your route to Gold accreditation

Your documents

How much does it cost?

Your FORS fee is made up of the annual subscription fee (based on fleet size) and an audit fee (based on the number of operating centres accredited). Use the Fees link to access more details.

Who can help?

There are many ways to get support and training through FORS and their Suppliers.

FORS have an extensive training programme. Produced by TfL, FORS has developed a variety of opportunities for both managers and drivers. In order to meet the FORS Standard you will be required to demonstrate that you have plans in place to ensure all drivers and managers undergo approved and progressive training and continued professional development. This includes induction training, compliance and vulnerable road user training as well as remedial and refresher training to ensure skills are fully embedded.

Our Suppliers provide exclusive offers or discounts on products and services aligned to the requirements of the FORS Standard.

Pre-Audit Service Providers can help organisations gain FORS accreditation. Please make your own assessment to discover the best routes to gain your accreditation.