Prince Michael Award

Prince Michael Award

­In 2014  FORS was awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its continuing work to improve fleet and freight safety across the UK.

The Royal Awards, which are presented annually, recognise achievements in road safety and are awarded to the most outstanding examples of innovation across the world. The FORS initiative was awarded the annual Fleet Award, sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, after judges agreed it was an outstanding model of its kind, carefully planned and monitored and well overdue for recognition.

Announcing the award, Adrian Walsh, Director of The Prince Michael Awards, said:

“One in three serious crashes involve a driver who is at work. FORS is a world-class example of how safety can be improved through engagement and leadership and here in London we now have a proven programme which is ready to be rolled out across the country and indeed internationally.”

Leon Daniels, Managing Director for Surface Transport at TfL, said:

“FORS has helped transform how fleet and freight vehicles operate in London, encouraging greater compliance, better training, lower emissions and improved road safety. We are delighted to be awarded this international award, which shows the determination and drive we are putting into making London’s roads better for all.”