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FORS Offers

FORS Associates and Affinity Partners provide a number of exclusive offers and discounts aligned to the requirements of the FORS Standard. Click here to view a full list of FORS Associates and Affinity Partners. You can also leave feedback about your experience with that company.

  • Associate

Digital 2000 Ltd

  • Get 12 months for the price of 11 when you sign up to CheckPro Compliance Management

    Defect reporting system with FORS compliant checklists.

    Visit our website today for more information and sign up for a free demo and trial.

Fleet Trak Limited

  • We will provide a free consultation, to ensure the solution we provide for your business is both fit for purpose and future-proof.

    Fleet-Trak will give FORS members a 5% discount on telematics hardware and a 10% discount on camera hardware. Also assuming the hardware is purchased, we'll provide complete customer support package free of charge (usually costs £399 per annum).

Premier Communication Electronics

  • PCE is offering a 15% discount for FORS members, depending on product or installation requirements.

Backwatch Safety Products

  • 25% discount off list price for all Blind Spot Detection systems, all camera and recording systems, turn alarms and warning lights, irrespective of volume.

    £2.00 per month discount off live view camera recording systems monthly subscription.

    £25.00 discount off dully portable, transferable, wireless,waterproof, magnetic GPS, european roaming tracker system, with 6 months free airtime and £1.00 per month discount thereafter.

    Blind Spot Detection Systems

    • Independently evaluated during FORS technology trail
    • Tested by Crossrail confirming compliance
    • Submitted for evaluation by Transport Research Laboratory
    • Traffic light visual warning with directional LED
    • 3 stage audible warning
    • Built in speed cut out
    • 3 - 13 sensors with up to 4 zones of protection
    • Wireless link for tractors/trailers
    • 3 year warranty
    • CE and E certified at TUV European offices

    Camera Systems

    • 1-8 camera systems, view only and or recording
    • Standard, AHD high definition or combination allowing integration with your existing cameras
    • Live view with track option
    • SD card, HDD or SSD option with up to 80 days recording
    • Bespoke brake light cameras for vans

    Vehicle Tracking

    • Wireless and hard wired solutions
    • No minimum contract term
    • Up to 6 months airtime included in cost
    • Desktop, Andriod and Apple App
    • Change mode remotely via App

    Audible Warnings

    • Reverse, left, right turn and combined warning
    • Option for built in LED
    • Bespoke messages available

    Warning Lighting

    • Flashing strobes
    • Beacons
    • Lightbars, 420mm - 1750mm
    • Standard and low profile
    • Bespoke bars
    • All LED



All Health Matters

  • 5% off driver medicals - inc HGV, PCV, FLT

  • 5% off Executive Medicals

  • 1-2% discounts on full service Occupational Health contracts

Abaco Insurance Brokers Ltd


    • Insurance Premium Reductions
    • Subsidised FORS Subscription Fees
    • Enhanced Cover
    • Contributions Towards Risk Management Costs (Employee Training, Vehicle Telematics & Cameras)
    • Detailed Claims Analysis & Reporting (To Comply With FORS Standard)

    Please contact Abaco Insurance Brokers for further information.


    • Foretrack would like to offer a Discount at 12% for all FORS Operators & Suppliers 


  • SM UK would like to offer a 10% discount on installation services for all
    FORS Operators & Suppliers.

    This includes 10% off our *NEW* product: HALO® Cycle Warning System which is comprised of four ultrasonic sensors mounted to the vehicles near side, which are activated when a bicycle enters their detection zone; an audible and visual "vehicle turning left" warning that operates when the near side indicators are in use; high intensity amber LED lights that leave a 'halo'
    glow on the ground to alert cyclists and blind spot cameras and an in-cab
    monitor that provides the driver with full, 360-degree view.

Bri-Stor Systems

  • All FORS accredited members are entitled to a 5% discount on Products & Services

ProVision Vehicle Cameras

  • Exclusive to FORS Members (Bronze, Silver and Gold), 10% off all hardware and 50% off cloud-connected plan for first 6 months*

    * Applies only to Live Management Pro plan with a 3-year contract and when paying by direct debit.

Dawes Highway Safety

  • How compliant is YOUR fleet's compliance?

    When mandatory signage displayed on stickers gets exposed to the elements ie. road salt, industrial chemicals, sunlight and frequent pressure washing they soon look tatty, become useless and benefit nobody.

    Our latest innovation BlindSpotSign® is a UK registered design, developed and fully tested as a 'fit and forget' solution for the life of the truck/trailer.

    It is fully sealed, water/dirt repellent and highly reflective. Warning vulnerable road users day AND night while keeping your vehicles over 3.5T compliant with FORS. And that's a good thing because fleet managers are busy enough! 

    Dawes Highway Safety are delighted to announce an introductory offer to FORS members to supply our innovative BlindSpotSign® plus a colour coded fixing kit at just £20+vat each (RRP£24.99)


RVM Assist Ltd

  • RVM offers the special price of £6.99 per enrolled driver for 12 months of the following services:

    1. Licence checking
    2. Online Assessments
    3. Telematics Data Analysis
    4. In-vehicle Camera Footage Analysis
    5. Accident Management
    6. Driver Training

    The service will include: 24 hours support, creation of a Driver Record holding all data (with a web Portal as a viewer), daily analysis of high risk data with automatic risk alerts, FNOL and repair deployment, post-event interviews to identify causation, appropriate online training and instant referrals to the client where appropriate.  The service also includes account management, quarterly reporting and driver safety bulletins.

    For more details please make direct contact with Paul Rose at RVM

The Triscan Group

  • 20% Discount for FORS members on full price Fuel Management Hardware. 

    10% Discount for FORS members on full price Fuel Management Software.

    5% Discount for FORS members on full price Ongoing Hardware and Software support.


  • 10% discount on our LLRA business product subscription for all FORS members.

Vehicle Weighing Solutions

  • Vehicle Weighing Solutions has developed a sophisticated, yet simple solution that can be fitted to most types/categories of vehicle, whether thesuspension is steel or air. The VOPS™ 2vehicle overload protection system is an extremely reliable enclosed measurement system that does not rely on springs or any moving parts.

    We are offering up to 20% discount off standard pricing, please contact us for further details.

TranSend Solutions Ltd

  • TranSend Solutions is offering FORS members a 10% discount on the licence costs for its Vehicle Checks app and Defect Management system, used as part of TranSend ePOD.


  • Reduced Costs

    • ServicePoint offers exclusive rates and discounts - with an average saving of 30%.
    • This is available through a comprehensive, national approved network of thousands of franchised and independent garages, including tyre specialists, probably including those you already use.

    There’s nothing stopping you from joining the UK’s leading vehicle maintenance platform.

    Call us for a free demo.

Seven Driver Training

  • LGV Driver Risk assessment, for a limited period we are offering 15% off for weekday courses. These assesements are conducted in cab, with your driver at your location!

    This will help you fullfill the required FORS components of driver induction or post incident management along with managing WRRR

  • Drivers Risk Assesment Course :

    Drivers drive and you cannot do that within a classroom, our Driver Risk Assessment course allows your drivers to learn while driving from their cabin. Many businesses are looking at ways of increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing their overall fuel spend, recent figures show that driver behaviour as well as the vehicle they drive both play a big part in increasing fuel efficiency. This course has been proven to aid these areas with our clients significantly increasing their average MPG figures and reducing their petrol expenditure.

    The assessment helps develop the drivers practical skills, including SAFED, H&S, Risk Assessment Knowledge, defect reporting, drivers hours, accidents at work and on the road.

    Monday- Friday offers available !! Normal Price £395 for a whole 1 to 1 day with our instructor.... 15% discount to all FORS members

  • Seven Driving Training offer fully accredited Jaupt CPC courses , including SUD / Van smart and Emergency First Aid At Work (CPC). For FORS members we are pleased to offer 10% discount NATIONWIDE!

  • Locity Courses Now Available throughout the country.

    Weekdays & Weekends available Normal Week day Price from £695 for 20 delegates. For FORS members , weekday price from £395


Crystal Ball Ltd

  • Increase efficiency, improve safety and stay compliant with SmartCam; Crystal Ball's award winning fleet tracking and 3G HD video solution. 10% discount offered to FORS accredited operators.

    What's included?

    • 3G HD Video Camera
    • Fully integrated GPS Fleet Tracking
    • Paperless Vehicle Checks
    • Fixed Speed Camera Alerts
    • Driver Behaviour
    • Driver ID
    • Plus much more!

    We look forward to hearing from you and addressing your workforce management challenges.


Road Skills Ltd

    • VIP Survey Call to ensure we match your needs with the right level of service
    • 20% off Bronze Manual, mapped to current FORS Standard
    • 50% off Silver Manual, mapped to current FORS Standard, if purchased with  Bronze Manual

Direct Commercial Ltd

  • Get a 15% reduction off our standard rate on your fleet insurance if you sign up to Camatics. Contact us now so we can put you in touch with one of our broker partners.

Chevin Fleet Solutions

  • Driver Licence Checking 

    10% discount on automated driver licence checks for all FORS accredited members. Standard price £4.00 per check. 

  • Vehicle Inspection Checking and Mobile Form Jobs

    FleetWave Forms- Build custom vehicle inspection, safety, proof of delivery, and other job forms for your business, and send them to your drivers or workers mobile app for paperless data collection.

    10% discount FORS accredited members.

    Standard pricing

    1. Starter | £99 per month - 0  - 50 submissions + £0.50 for additional submission
    2. Small business | £199 per month - 51 - 5,000 submissions + £0.02 for additional submission
    3. Professional | £499 per month - 5,000 - 50,000 submissions + £0.01 for additional submission
    4. Enterprise | £1499 per month - Unlimited submissions.


  • DVSA Earned Recognition Maintenance Module

    FORS accredited members get the DVSA Earned Recognition module completely free with all new contracts of the fleet and maintenance management software, FleetWave.

    DVSA Earned Recognition module is usually £950.

SmartWitness EMEA Limited

  • Multi-camera, audible warning and sensor system suitable for vehicles over 3.5T and less than 7.5T

    • Side Sensors with in-cab display and buzzer. The sensors are activated only
    at low speed.
    • Left Turn Alarm. The alarm is activated only at low speed and is supplied
    with a Kill Switch for disabling it at night. The Kill Switch will disable it until
    the next time the ignition is turned on so there are no concerns about the
    driver forgetting to turn it back on again.
    • Reversing Alarm. The reversing alarm is supplied with a Kill Switch which
    will disable it until the next time the ignition is turned on.
    • Blind Spot Camera with 7m cable, 7” Monitor with 10m cable and Recorder
    - The blind spot camera provides views of the near side blind spot and will
    display these on the monitor whenever the left indicator is used.

    RRP £766.00 - 20% discount for FORS member

  • Multi-camera, audible warning and sensor system suitable for rigid vehicles over 7.5T

    • Side Sensors with in-cab display and buzzer. The sensors are activated only
    at low speed.
    • Left Turn Alarm. The alarm is activated only at low speed and is supplied
    with a Kill Switch for disabling it at night. The Kill Switch will disable it until
    the next time the ignition is turned on so there are no concerns about the
    driver forgetting to turn it back on again.
    • Reversing Alarm. The reversing alarm is supplied with a Kill Switch which
    will disable it until the next time the ignition is turned on.
    • Rear Camera with 12m cable, Blind Spot Camera with 7m cable, 7” Monitor
    with 10m cable and Recorder.
    • Reversing sensors with in-cab display and buzzer. The reversing sensors are
    designed to be on top of or underneath the bumper of the vehicle.

    RRP £815.00 - 20% discount for FORS members

  • Multi-camera, audible warning and sensor system suitable for articulated vehicles over 7.5T

    • Side Sensors with in-cab display and buzzer. The sensors are activated only
    at low speed.
    • Left Turn Alarm. The alarm is activated only at low speed and is supplied
    with a Kill Switch for disabling it at night. The Kill Switch will disable it until
    the next time the ignition is turned on so there are no concerns about the
    driver forgetting to turn it back on again.
    • Reversing Alarm. The reversing alarm is supplied with a Kill Switch which
    will disable it until the next time the ignition is turned on.
    • Rear Camera with SUZI cable (20m to camera, 3m SUZI, 10m to monitor),
    Blind Spot Camera with 7m cable, 7” Monitor with 10m cable and Recorder.
    • Reversing sensors with in-cab display and buzzer. The reversing sensors are
    designed to be on top of or underneath the bumper of the vehicle.

    RRP £1,138.00 - 20% discount for FORS members

SmartDrive Systems Ltd

  • SmartDrive Systems Ltd is delighted to offer FORS members:

    • 15% discount on all SmartDrive hardware, with its Assurance & Defender managed programmes, on a 3-year contract.
      SmartDrive Assurance: is the ideal solution for fleets focused on maximum protection & prevention of collisions & compliance related incidents.   It delivers an unprecedented level of coverage & complete visibility to the risks that cause collisons, such as reversing, unintended lane changes, roll overs & close following.
      SmartDrive Defender: is designed for fleets focused on protecting every driver by capturing the highest risk incidents.  Ideal for fleets who want an entry level video safety programme to reduce collision frequency, improve safety & reinforce good driving skills.
    • 10% discount on all SmartDrive hardware, with its Shield programme, on a 3-year contract.
      SmartDrive Shield: is designed for fleets focused on capturing every collision, exonerating when not at fault & providing drivers the ability to record issues on the road, such as delivery verification & security incidents.
      A great fit for owner operators or fleets that are not yet ready for a safety programme with coaching.

    T&C's apply. 


Freight Transport Association

  • Book an In-company LoCity or Safe Urban Driving classroom course through FTA Training and gain a 10% discount on the overall cost of the training.

Haulage Training Institute

  • 10% off for all FORS accredited members on booking:

    • CPC Transport Manager Course.
    • Safe Urban Driving, Van Smart, Staying Legal (Company bookings)
    • Driver CPC Courses
    • ADR

Silent Witness

  • Silent Witness is a Global manufacturer of Dash Cameras, Telematics and Vehicle CCTV which offer real live recording whilst driving. At Silent Witness we concentrate solely on the design, manufacture and supply. 

    We offer a wide range of devices which are all individually suited to a specific type of vehicle, asset, trailer or installation.
    We consider what type of data the customer wants to retrieve from their chosen target and then choose from highly respected volume manufacturers to create the best solution for you.

    **We offer an additional 15% Discount  to FORS accredited operators**


  • FORS members can receive a 20% discount on DriverMetrics®. 

Ridgeway Training

  • Operator licence variations, compliance audits (including public inquiry support) and systems review – 10% discount for FORS Operators

  • International Management CPC Road Haulage – 5% discount for FORS Operators

  • International management CPC passenger services – 5% discount for FORS Operators

Aquarius IT Ltd

  • FORS members or customers working towards FORS accreditation can take advantage of our offer for 10% off remote downloading equipment (new customers only).  

Old Oak Training Limited

  • 10% off all courses for FORS members.

Henford Associates T/A Driver Skills Training

  • 10% discount for FORS members on Safe Urban Driving (SUD)/CPC Courses

Romex World

  • When a FORS member signs up for a trial with us, they will receive a one month proof of concept with any of our products, with a further 2 months free of charge shoudl they wish to proceed with implementation.

GVL Management Limited

  • Special 10% Discount to all FORS Members on all GVL Management Limited services, which include:

    • Auditing & Consultancy
    • Public Inquiry & Preliminary Hearing Representation
    • Transport Management & Compliance
    • Operator Licence Applications & Variations
    • Training & Development Courses

r2c Online

  • FORS accredited operators get one month free on the leading fleet and workshop management platform. 

    Just give us a call or get in touch via the website to find out more.

TomTom Telematics

  • To celebrate the release new WEBFLEET, TomTom Telematics are offering their Tachograph Manager add-on for £5 per vehicle per month (compared to a standard cost of £8.50) for all FORS members signing up to new WEBFLEET licenses. Tachograph Manager offers full remote download, storage, and analysis of Tachograph data for drivers hour rules, as well as real time display of remaining driving times.

    Additionally TomTom are offering the Remaining Driving Times product by itself (which displays driver's hours in real time in WEBFLEET and highlights time to next required break, as well as daily/weekly remaining driving time) for £2 per vehicle per month (normal price £4.50) to all FORS members signing up additional WEBFLEET licenses. 

    Both offers require a new WEBFLEET Telematics license, LINK510 tracker, and appropriate installation in order to work. Remaining Driving Time works with all digital tachographs, Tachograph Manager requires the digital tachograph to support remote download as a feature (generally post 2011 tachographs support this feature but TomTom can check for you). 

All Training (Hull) Ltd

  • 10% OFF Driver CPC and ADR courses for all FORS Accredited Members on booking.

ABA Commercial Insurance

    • Discount up to 10% on insurance premiums
    • Discount up to 50% on legal expenses insurance cover
    • Free commercial accident management service
    • Free access to a 24-hour accident helpline
    • Allocated accident management consultant
    • Accident management training (aligned with FORS Standard)
    • Accident management claims app (on mobile phone and tablet)
    • Quarterly and annually claims reports
    • Dedicated account handler
    • Long term agreements at discounted rates
    • Help with arranging repairs to your vehicle or the negotiation of a total loss settlement where the vehicle is a write off
    • Claim for the damage to your vehicle direct with the third-party insurer, thus eliminating the need for you to pay the policy excess
    • Provide you with a suitable replacement vehicle (subject to availability, terms and conditions apply)

Fleet Safe Solutions / Fleet Safe 360

  • FORS Members Only, FS360 Safety Package  

    Full Package Offer fully installed on site by Fleet Safe Solutions/Fleet Safe 360 

    1. 1TB Digital Hard Drive DVR 30-40 days record time.
    2. 5 Cameras inc Slimline Side Cameras, Reverse Camera, Sony Forward Facing camera and driver facing camera or load camera.
    3. 7" Colour Slimline Monitor. (it is possible to integrate into certain factory fitted screens. Contact for details)
    4. Side warn Sensor system with Speed activation, speed module and indicator module. 
    5. Talking Left Turn Alarm including bracket, speed activated. 
    6. High Voltage Detection System


    FORS Members Only. RRP including Installation £2700 plus VAT.

    £2200 Plus VAT. 

    Please call for a full fleet survey to discuss requirements.

    All safety products available.


    Live View 360 Camera system. 4 Cameras 3G enabled for live footage access. £1900 plus subscription.Members only. RRP £2300   



Amicus Insurance Solutions

  • Save money on yours Fleet Insurance.   Amicus have negotiated preferential rates with a number of the UK's largest fleet underiters that are available exclusively to FORS Silver and Gold accredited firms. 

    • Up to 10% discount for FORS Silver and Gold  
    • Further ongoing savings year on year ( we have reduced some of our clients premiums by over 40%)
    • Proven track record of reducing claims costs and lowering premiums
    • Free risk management advice 
    • Our dedicated claims team will work with you on each and every claim to keep your costs down. 

    If you are FORS Silver or Gold (or are working towards it), contact one of our team to see how Amicus can work with you to dramatically reduce your claims costs and  insurance premiums.     

RE-Tech UK Ltd

  • We offer FORS members a 10% discount across our range of products.

Popular Tyres

  • Popular Tyres offers a service to all its FORS accredited clients to record all their vehicles' tyre management details that are required for their ongoing FORS accreditiation.

    Each month we record every job we undertake on an excel document which will contain the following information:

    Registration Number, Product/Service, Date Job Carried out, Date Invoice Raised, Quantity, Pattern Used, Serial No. on, Positon Code, Price Per Unit, Total Cost Per Job, Torque Tag (we can also supply the Torque Tags), Serial No. Off, T.D.R, Removal Codes, Tyre Damage - informaion provided/photographs etc.

    This information is forwarded to the client at the end of each month.

    We offer this service free of charge to all FORS accredited clients to save them time and money.

Cameron Forecourt Ltd

  • Jigsaw Fuel Management Equipment

    ·         10% discount on the purchase of new Jigsaw Fuel Management Hardware when installed by Cameron Forecourt.

  • Normond Gauges and Dip rods

    ·         10% discounts on the entire range of Normond Products, Dip rods, Balance Chambers, spare parts and calibration of gauges.

  • Service and Maintenance

    ·         10% discount on our standard non-contract call out rates

    ·         15% discount on our standard non-contract labour rates

Transport Support

  • 47% off the Indicator Alarmalight® (AVAL2-14CLHO) "Stand clear, this vehicle is turning left" RRP £277.83,

    • FORS Member offer £147.00
  • Low Speed Trigger Module for camera/left turn system activation at low speed 

    • FORS Member Offer: £62.00    RRP £102.00
  • 10% discount on all TS Reversing and Quad Camera systems

    • Reversing Camera prices starting from £225.00
  • Turn indicator trigger for camera/left turn system activation (TS-001ECU)

    • FORS Members offer: £21.95 RRP £25.00

  • Reversing Camera kit with Side View Camera

    Kit Includes:

    • TS850 7" Monitor 
    • TS16HD Reversing Camera 
    • TS45HD Side view Camera 
    • 20m Cable for rear camera 
    • 5m Cable for side camera 

    FORS Members offer: £310.00    RRP £395.00

  • Sidescan Kit for Rigid Vehicles (SS-4000W)

    Sidescan ultrasonic sensor system detects objects, cyclists and people in the nearside blind spot, providing an audible warning to the driver.


    • 4 Sensors
    • Buzzer
    • 4x0° flush mount fixings
    • 4x11° flush mount fixings
    • 4 underslung fixings
    • Waterproof control box
    • 10m buzzer cable
    • 4X4.5m sensor cables
    • 2X2.5m extension cable

    FORS Members offer: £152.00    RRP £195.00

    also available for the above:

    Talking external warning sounder with message 'Warning! This vehicle is turning left!' 

    FORS Members offer: £60.00   RRP £75.00

    *Prices Ex VAT


  • Four Camera System with Mobile Digital Video Recorder  

    - 4 Camera system for all round vision with MDVR (up to 4 weeks continuous video recording)

    - Kit Includes:

    • TS700 Digital Monitor 
    • TS42HDD 4 Channel Hard Drive DVR with GPS 
    • TS16HD Reversing Camera
    • TS45HD(L) Left View Camera 
    • TS45HD(R) Right View Camera
    • TS1C Forward View Camera
    • 1 x 20m Camera Cable 
    • 1 x AV Cable
    • 3 x 5m Camera Cable
    • 2 x Camera Angle Wedge 

    FORS Members Offer: £1225.00      RRP £1440.00

    3 Year warrenty on all parts!