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FORS Offers

FORS Associates and Affinity Partners provide a number of exclusive offers and discounts aligned to the requirements of the FORS Standard. Click here to view a full list of FORS Associates and Affinity Partners. You can also leave feedback about your experience with that company.

  • Associate

Protea Training Co Ltd

  • We offer all our FORS members a 10% discount on any training courses on production of their valid FORS ID number

Digital 2000 Ltd

  • CheckPro Compliance Management & Defect Reporting.

    FORS Members - Get 12 months for the price of 11 

    Get a free trial or an online demo by calling the number below or visiting our website.

    Features include:

    • Easy to use apps for iOS and Android
    • Powerful, secure, cloud based dashboard and management system
    • Secure, tamper-proof reports
    • Full audit trail for tracking of defects
    • FORS compliant, customisable checklists
    • Accident reporting

    Only £1 per asset per week


    • Tachograph Supplies - digital tachograph rolls / digital download tools, analogue charts
    • Vehicle Compliance Products including defect books, m,aintenance pads & storage products 
    • Wheelnut Indicators
    • Health & Safety
    • Material Handling
    • Load Safety Equipment

    Keeping You Safe, Keeping You Legal, Keeping You Moving.


VIP Transport Management Consultancy Ltd

  • All FORS members will recieve the driver DSA upload (£8.75) fee (where applicable) discounted to £0.00 on all FORS approved courses provided by VIP. 

    This discount must be applied at the time of booking and upon recipet of valid FORS member number. 


Driver CPC 4U

  • DCPC Training - £60.00 inc Vat - 10% discount for FORS Members

  • ADR (Dangerous Goods) Training – 5% discount for FORS Members

  • Management CPC Courses - 5% discount for FORS Members

  • Vulnerable Road Users - £60.00 inc VAT and upload fee (10% Discount for FORS members)

    Where Do We Encounter VRU’s? Who Are the VRU’s? Sharing Road Space, Route Planning, New Traffic Systems, Professional Drivers Role, Hazard Perception, Defensive Driving, Blindspots, Vehicle Safety Systems, Cyclists, Pedestrians, Motorcyclists, Horse Riders (LGV & PCV) – FORS Approved

Tyne & Wear LGV Driver Training Centre Limite

  • ADR (with Tankers) Training - with 4 Days Driver CPC Included

    £430 plus VAT - Total £471

    There are 9 classes of ADR dangerous goods and they are:

    Class 1 - Explosives *
    Class 2 - Gases
    Class 3 - Liquids
    Class 4 - Solids
    Class 5 - Oxidising Agents
    Class 6 - Toxins
    Class 7 – Radioactives *
    Class 8 - Corrosives
    Class 9 - Miscellaneous

    * Class 1 or Class 7 as these are not widely required they will not be included in the ADR training. If you require these classes please let us know.

    These hazardous goods can be carried in some kind of package. The majority can also be carried in a road tanker (Hazchem).

    Training is usually for the 7 common ADR classes and may be for:

    7 ADR Classes in packages
    7 ADR classes in packages and tankers
    ADR Class 3 Liquids only in tankers (including petrol and diesel)
    ADR Class 5 only packages (fertiliser)

    We offer 7 ADR classes in packages and tankers.

    The course is held over 5 days and follows strict guidelines.

Milebay Consultancy Ltd

  • FORS Member discount:  10% off all training and services

    Over 15 JAUPT approved Driver CPC Courses to choose from.

    Training available 7 days per week

    FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold consultation services, bespoke manuals, policies, risk assessments and driver handbooks.

    FORS Gold member and ISO 9001 accredited, the team at Milebay offer friendly, professional support to companies across the UK and Europe.

TranSend Solutions Ltd

  • TranSend Solutions is offering FORS members a 10% discount on the licence costs for its Vehicle Checks app and Defect Management system, used as part of TranSend ePOD.

EXEROS Technologies

  • 10% discount for FORS members.

    The 10% discount is available on wide range of EXEROS vehicle safety systems, including the FORS compliance kits, vehicle CCTV and driver assist systems.

    To get the discount simply quote your FORS membership ID. 

Handsfree Group

  • Handsfree Group offer 10% discount on all vehicle technology available to FORS members. 

    • One month free access to the Handsfree Group Datalive connected vehicle CCTV portal. 
    • Lifetime free of charge subscription to the Handsfree Group Datalive defect reporting app. 

DTec International Limited

  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training Courses

    Why not provide your employees with education on the effects of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace? Course content includes -

    Understanding alcohol units and how long they may cause impairment.

    Signs, effects, symptoms and risks associated with alcohol misuse.

    Illegal drugs of abuse. Working with real drugs, a range of placebos and videos designed to increase the knowledge of each delegate.

    Signs, effects, symptoms and risks associated with each illegal drug are discussed.

    ‘Over the counter’ medicinal drugs and how they can affect work performance

    Financial and operational impact of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace

    15% discount on courses for all FORS members

  • Drager Alcotest 5820

    Rapid one button switch on, ready to use in seconds

    Passive 5 second measurement facility

    Precise, fast breath analysis

    Workplace legally acceptable confirmation result

    10% discount when purchased by FORS members

  • Drager Alcotest 6820 & Mobile Printer

    The Drager Alcotest 6820 offers professional users / workplaces precise and rapid breath analysis in a user friendly, compact and economic form. Results are available in seconds on the optical wireless mobile printer. An optional USB cable can be purchased to transfer data to a PC.

    10% discount when purchased by FORS members

  • Complete Drugs & Alcohol Testing 'Starter Kit'

    Our complete 'Starter Kit' can with only a few hours work, get your company up and running to help cover you, your fellow managers and colleagues and your staff and customers.

    The comprehensive kit has - 

    • 5 x DrugWipe Dual non-invasive screening devices
    • Instruction sheets and YouTube animated training guide
    • 1 x Drager 5820 'Police Specification' breathalyser
    • 100 x breathalyser tubes
    • 1 x Recalibration at 6 months
    • Short operating instructions for breathalyser
    • Drug & Alcohol Policy construction worksheet
    • 1/2 hour telephone consultation with Dtec specialist
    • Training videos, animations and instruction sheets necessary to safely operate all equipment.
    • Registration with our recommended 24hr / 7 days a week confirmation collection agency (for drugs)

    Buy online from the experts at D.Tec today, for a product and service you can trust.

    Reduced price of £945.00 plus VAT (RRP £995.00) for FORS members

Backwatch Safety Products

  • 25% discount off list price for all Blind Spot Detection systems, all camera and recording systems, turn alarms and warning lights, irrespective of volume.

    £2.00 per month discount off live view camera recording systems monthly subscription.

    £25.00 discount off dully portable, transferable, wireless,waterproof, magnetic GPS, european roaming tracker system, with 6 months free airtime and £1.00 per month discount thereafter.

    Blind Spot Detection Systems

    • Independently evaluated during FORS technology trail
    • Tested by Crossrail confirming compliance
    • Submitted for evaluation by Transport Research Laboratory
    • Traffic light visual warning with directional LED
    • 3 stage audible warning
    • Built in speed cut out
    • 3 - 13 sensors with up to 4 zones of protection
    • Wireless link for tractors/trailers
    • 3 year warranty
    • CE and E certified at TUV European offices

    Camera Systems

    • 1-8 camera systems, view only and or recording
    • Standard, AHD high definition or combination allowing integration with your existing cameras
    • Live view with track option
    • SD card, HDD or SSD option with up to 80 days recording
    • Bespoke brake light cameras for vans

    Vehicle Tracking

    • Wireless and hard wired solutions
    • No minimum contract term
    • Up to 6 months airtime included in cost
    • Desktop, Andriod and Apple App
    • Change mode remotely via App

    Audible Warnings

    • Reverse, left, right turn and combined warning
    • Option for built in LED
    • Bespoke messages available

    Warning Lighting

    • Flashing strobes
    • Beacons
    • Lightbars, 420mm - 1750mm
    • Standard and low profile
    • Bespoke bars
    • All LED



  • 25% discount off list price for all Blind Spot Detection Sytems, all camera and recording systems, turn alarms and warning lights, irrespective of volume.

    £2.00 per month discount off live view cameras monthly subscription. (no minimum contract term)

    £25.00 of fully portable, transferable, wireless, waterproof, magnetic, European  roaming tracker system with 12 months free airtime and £1.00 per month discount thereafter

    New Blind Spot Detection System

    • 4 to 16 sensors
    • Integrated into suplied 9" monitor or with with your existing system
    • Side camera image and sensor warning in one display, great for new V5 FORS Silver standards
    • Individual traffic light warning for each sensor
    • Digital distance display with STOP! alert
    • Built in speed cut out @ 12.5mph 
    • Free "Blind Spot Take Care" warning sign

    Camera Systems

    • 1 - 8 cameras, view only and/or recording
    • Standard definition or upto 1080 full HD or combination, allowing use of existing cameras
    • Live view with track option
    • SD card, HDD or SSD with up to 80 days recording
    • Bespoke brake light cameras for vans
    • Free " Caution CCTV in operation" sticker

    Vehicle Tracking

    • Wireless and hard wired options
    • No minimum contract term
    • up to 12 months airtime included in cost
    • Desktop, Android and Apple App
    • Remote mode change via App

    Audible warning

    • Reverse, left, right, handbrake
    • Option for built in LEDs
    • Bespoke warnings available


    • Flashing stobes, beacons, lightbars and worklamps
    • Rotator or LED
    • 420mm - 1750mm, bespoke options
    • Standard and low profile



  • We'd like you to take advantadge of some of the fantastic products within our portfolio in order to see how they compliment each other and expereince firsthand a Michelin mobility solution.

    So, for every Wheely Safe kit purchased - Light or Heavy - through this FORS offer, we'll provide a corresponding licence for the MyInspection mobile application free of charge.

    Why not speak to speak to us today and see how these offers could benefit your buinsess, we can't wait to speak to you!

Parksafe Automotive & Silent Witness

  • Silent Witness is a Global manufacturer of Dash Cameras, Telematics and Vehicle CCTV which offer real live recording whilst driving. At Silent Witness we concentrate solely on the design, manufacture and supply. 

    We offer a wide range of devices which are all individually suited to a specific type of vehicle, asset, trailer or installation.
    We consider what type of data the customer wants to retrieve from their chosen target and then choose from highly respected volume manufacturers to create the best solution for you.

    **We offer an additional 15% Discount  to FORS accredited operators**

Nibc Ltd

  • NIBC Ltd are offering 10% off all products that directly assist those working towards or maintaining their FORS Accreditation.  These are:

    Telematics Offer 1- NIBC are offering all FORS Approved operators and those workign towards FORS, FREE installation on 3-way & 4-way DVR's.

    T&C's apply

    Telematics Offer 2 - NIBC are offering a FREE Vehicle Defect Check app for all FORS Approved operators and those working towards FORS, when they purchase any of our telematics products. These include:

    • Track Smart
    • Fuel Smart
    • Tacho Smart
    • Trailer Smart

    T&C's apply


    1. Tacho Smart 

    Manually downloading digital tacho data can waste up to 2 man days per vehicle, every year. NIBC’s Remote Download service completely removes this headache, by automatically downloading vehicle head and driver card information direct to your PC or analysis provider in real-time.

    D8: Drivers’ hours and working Requirement: Fleet operators shall have policies and procedures to manage both drivers’ hours and total working time.

    D9: Driver infractions Requirement: Fleet operators shall record and monitor all driving infractions, and take remedial action to minimise future recurrences.


    2. Fuel Smart

    To achieve the best results for fuel economy, Fuel Smart provides details on fuel consumption and engine use directly from CANbus data. With an individual’s driving behaviour having the biggest impact on efficiency, statistics on all drivers can be viewed per journey, league tables and scorecards can be easily generated to help manage improvements.

    M11: Tyre and fuel management Requirement: Fleet operators shall record and manage tyre wear, condition and disposal, and monitor and manage fuel consumption.

    O4: Engine Idling Requirement: Fleet operators shall have a written policy and procedure to reduce instances of engine-idling.

    S6: Performance Data

    S7: Fuel & Emissions


    3.Track Smart

    Track Smart gives you everything you are looking for in a vehicle & asset tracking solution keeping you and your drivers safe and on track. Providing provide real time data, our solutions offer access any time, anywhere and from any device.

    O4: Engine Idling Requirement: Fleet operators shall have a written policy and procedure to reduce instances of engine-idling.

    O5: Vehicle / equipment theft and unauthorised access Requirement: Fleet operators shall ensure that all records are adequately retained and controlled, specifically including driving events.


    4. Camera Smart

    Camera Smart Pro* enables customers & insurance companies to view footage live from the online portal which is uploaded when the units G-shock sensor is activated. The unique camera solution will alert the transport team to the incident without the need to manually look through extensive footage, which can be a time consuming task. The latest development also enables live streaming of the video directly from their PC/mobile.  The systems 1TB hard drive will store up to 29 days video footage** that can be accessed live or via USB.

    V7: Vulnerable road user safety Requirement: Fleet operators shall ensure that all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight are fitted with safety equipment to help protect vulnerable road users. This shall include: – Prominent warning signage to the rear of the vehicle to visually warn other road users not to get too close to the vehicle – Side-under run protection to all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight that are exempt from fitment – Class V and class VI mirrors to be fitted to all vehicles where they can be mounted, with no part of the mirror being less than two metres from the ground.

    O3: Incidents and insurance Requirement: Fleet operators shall ensure that incidents, collisions and reported nearmisses are documented, investigated and analysed, and that insurance claims are monitored, reviewed and acted upon.

    S3: Audible Warning System

    S4: Blind spot Elimination


    5. Vehicle Defect Check 

    Advanced Vehicle Defect Checker App for Android lets you manage your daily walkaround vehicle checks with ease & efficiency.

    V2: Defect checks Requirement: Fleet operators shall ensure that vehicles are checked before the first use of that vehicle in a driver’s shift.


Anglia Compliance & Training Ltd

  • 10% discount on all services for FORS Members

TRUCE Software

  • We would like to offer all FORS members a TRUCE Software discount based on monthly subscriptions on a 36-month agreement.

    • Gold members - 12.5% discount
    • Silver members - 10% discount 
    • Bronze members - 7.5% discount 
    • Registered members - 5% discount 

    Please contact us for further details.

Jay Wallace Solutions Ltd t/a Cycle Safe 360

  • **FORS Members Only, Full 360 CameraSafety Package**  

    Full Package Offer fully installed on site,  

    1. 1TB Digital Hard Drive DVR 30-40 days record time.
    2. 5 Cameras inc Slimline Side Cameras, Reverse Camera, Sony Forward Facing camera and driver facing camera or load camera.
    3. 7" Colour Slimline Monitor. (it is possible to integrate into certain factory fitted screens. Contact for details)
    4. Side warn Sensor system with Speed activation, speed module and indicator module. 
    5. Talking Left Turn Alarm including bracket, speed activated. 
    6. High Voltage Detection System


    FORS Members Only. £500 off RRP

    Please call for a full fleet survey to discuss requirements.

    All safety products available.


    Live View 360 Camera system. 4 Cameras 3G enabled for live footage access. Discount subscription  plus £250 off for FORS members only.

    Fleet Trak 365

    Full fleet tracking system with driver profile and ID. Vehicle information, PTO engaged, mileage, fuel etc. (Contact us for more details)  

    **Silver Compliant Safety Pack**

    Reverse camera

    Reverse Alarm

    Side Camera (triggers to full screen when left indicator selected

    Audible Left turn System

    7" Colour Monitor

    £1150 fully installed


Scorpion Automotive Ltd

  • Exclusive offers to FORS Members:

    Prices based on rigid vehicle

    Essential Package

    • ScorpionTrack Fleet  Tracking (Telematics) System
    • Ultrasonic Left Side Scan Sensor System (with override switch) + LED visual and audible proximity alert
    • Left Turn Warning Alarm 12/24V IP67 (with override switch)
    • Waterproof Reverse Warning Alarm (Night Silent).
    • Accessories and wiring included.

    FORS Member Offer £359 RRP £399 (10% Discount)


    Standard Package

    • ScorpionTrack Fleet  Tracking (Telematics) System
    • Ultrasonic Left Side Scan Sensor System (with override switch) + LED visual and audible proximity alert
    • Left Turn Warning Alarm 12/24V IP67 (with override switch)
    • Waterproof Reverse Warning Alarm (Night Silent)
    • 7” TFT LCD Monitor - Dash or Fascia Mount
    • AHD Rear/ Reversing Camera with Night Vision & Smart IR
    • AHD Left side View Camera with Night Vision
    • AHD Right side View Camera with Night Vision.
    • Accessories and wiring included.

    FORS Member Offer £599 RRP £705 (15% Discount)


    Advanced Package

    • ScorpionTrack Fleet  Tracking (Telematics) System
    • Ultrasonic Left Side Scan Sensor System (with override switch) + LED visual and audible proximity alert
    • Left Turn Warning Alarm 12/24V IP67 (with override switch)
    • Waterproof Reverse Warning Alarm (Night Silent).
    • 7” TFT LCD Monitor - Dash or Fascia Mount
    • AHD Rear/ Reversing Camera with Night Vision & Smart IR
    • AHD Left side View Camera with Night Vision
    • AHD Right side View Camera with Night Vision
    • AHD Front Mini Camera
    • HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) 4 Channel
    • 1Tb HDD Hard Drive
    • Playback, Reporting Software and Set Up
    • Optional Live View (additional charges apply)
    • Accessories and wiring included.

    FORS Member Offer £1,039 RRP £1222.95 (15% Discount)

    All accessories included (brackets, indicator module, extension    cables, SUZI cable, connectors and conduit).Prices exclude VAT, installation and telematics subscription. Specialist installation support is available from our nationwide Scorpion Authorised Dealer network.


  • 3 months FREE vehicle tracking when you sign a 12-month contract on our InfoPlus package  

Admin Business Solutions

  • Admin Business Solutions are founder members of the ADLV and offer a fully managed, real time driver licence checks via our secure online connection to DVLA's database.

    • Automated Rechecking
    • Driver Risk Management
    • E-Consent or Paper Manadate Process
    • Full reporting suite and notifications
    • Real time Checking

    CPC and Tachograph details will soon be available through this service.

    £2.50 per check for all FORS members (28% off RRP)

    No minimum number of checks per year, No minimum number of drivers

AMD Commercial Vehicle Installs

  • 15% off FORS Silver packages purchased through AMD. Strictly FORS members only. FORS ID required.

RE-Tech UK Ltd

  • We offer FORS members a 10% discount across our range of products.

Farrow Browne and Gryspeerdt Ltd

  • FBG training offer a 10% discount to FORS members when booking Drivercpc courses through Eventbrite. Visit our website to request your discount code before booking.

    If you have a group of 6 or more candidates that require training. Contact us direct to discuss available discount options.

Mobile Solutions Limited

  • Over 8% off SmartCheck for FORS members, including DVSA and pre-shift checks and driver’s declaration, at just £4/vehicle/month…and we don’t charge for trailers.


  • SM UK would like to offer a 10% discount on installation services for all
    FORS Operators

    This includes 10% off our *NEW* product: HALO® Cycle Warning System which is comprised of four ultrasonic sensors mounted to the vehicles near side. These are activated when a bicycle, or other Vulnerable Road User (VRU) enters their detection zone; an audible and visual "Warning! Vehicle turning left!" warning that operates when the near side indicators are in use; high intensity amber LED lights that leave a 'halo' glow on the ground and flash in time with the vehicle's indicator to alert cyclists and blind spot cameras and an in-cab monitor that provides the driver with full, 360-degree view.

Towergate Insurance - Motor Division

  • Towergate Insurance - Motor Division

    Exclusive Offer for FORS Members

    In achieving FORS status you have already demonstrated a commitment to reduce risks. Become a Towergate Insurance – Motor Division client and you’ll benefit from:

    ·       FREE access to our 24hr online portal providing and an invaluable framework for managing Health & Safety, Human Resources and Driver risks.*

    ·       5% discount on Safedrive’s driver licence checking, profiling, and training services. Safedrive are Towergate’s inhouse risk management team operating across the commercial motor sector.

    To benefit from the above exclusive offers simply quote offer code FORS2019

    *Offer available to new clients only

    Towergate Insurance, Towergate Insurance - Motor Division and Safedrive are trading names of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited. Registered Address: Towergate House, Eclipse Park, Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3EN. Registered in England No. 4043759. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Calls may be recorded.

Expert Driver Training Academy

  • FORS Members Discounts:

    We are offering 5% discount on all DCPC Courses when blocked booked for 10 candidates or more.

    We are offering 10% discount on all FORS DCPC Courses..                        

    Expert Driver Training Academy can combine Safe Urban Driver & Van Smart courses on the same day (subject to attendee numbers) to assist members in maintaing compliance.  

    (Your FORS ID No must be provided to validate this offer).

    The above offers are subject to availability and cannot be combined.

    Offer Valid until 31/01/2020

Fleet Trak Limited

  • Take advantage of our current Tacho Manager Plus offer!

    Tachomanager+ - 3 months free then £9.00 per month

    Tachoshare+ - 3 months free then £5 per month


  • FORS members can receive a 20% discount on DriverMetrics®. 

Erith Training Ltd

  • 10% discount off all our courses booked through eventbrite.

    Contact us today to get your code.

    If you have a group of six or more people that require training, contact us direct.

    We have many options and discounts available.

All Training (Hull) Ltd

  • 10% OFF Driver CPC and ADR courses for all FORS Accredited Members on booking

Driving CPC

  • We are offering a 15% discount on all our services to companies registered with FORS.

TrafficAngel Safety Systems

  • 15% discount on all products for FORS members

Wiltshire Transport Training Ltd

  • Safe Urban Driving - This is a one day course covering theory in the morning and practical ‘on road’ bicycle training in the afternoon.

    In addition the course meets the CLOCS training requirements, which are now a prerequisite of most construction company’s across the UK, and we have also had it approved by JAUPT so it is able to be counted as 7 hours DCPC.

    The cost for the course is £100 usually but to FORS Operators £85 which includes VAT and the JAUPT upload fee.

Just Training (East Midlands) Limited

  • Book a Group of 24 drivers on FORS WRRR + On-Cycle Training for 2020, and save 10%, making your FORS Silver training a huge saving at £45 a driver.

  • Book 6 Driver CPC Courses within one 12 month period and pay only £510 per course + vat + upload fees for 20 drivers, making it £25.50 per driver

  • Book at FORS WRRR+On-Cycle Training group course for 24 Drivers, and get a FORS LoCITY group course for 20 drivers for £500 + VAT + CPC upload if required.( Travel exemptions may apply depending on location)

  • Book a FORS Van Smart group course for 24 Drivers and get 5 FREE Van First Aid Kits.


  • The right garages at the right prices?

    ServicePoint gives you access to exclusive rates for your fleet maintenance that we have negotiated at thousands of garages nationwide, with average savings of 30%.

    This service is available with no fees and no obligation. So, there’s nothing stopping you from joining the UK’s leading vehicle maintenance platform.

    Call us for a free demo.


  • We are offering a 10% discount on all of our training packages to companies registered with FORS.

    Your FORS ID must be provided to validate the offer.

Road Skills Online Limited

  • Professional Development Plan online training
    Normally £4 per person per month through our website

    • 37.5% off to FORS Members on yearly contract
    • No setup fees
    • No hidden costs

Truckk Ltd

  • The 1st 1000

    FORS +


    1000 FORS registered companies

    1000 jobs completed on TRUCKK

    £1000 paid back PER COMPANY


    List jobs ( as a CUSTOMER )

    Bid on jobs ( as a DRIVER )


    FORS companies are invited to join TRUCKK & list work that needs outsourcing ***CREATE A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT***


    FORS companies can also BID ON WORK that needs doing ***CREATE A DRIVER ACCOUNT***


    Register your Company Name & FORS registration number in all cases to qualify for the £1000 cash back offer ***DRIVER ACCOUNTS ONLY***


    For an example of how we need to see your business profile when you register with TRUCKK, see below.


    We need to know your company name and FORS ID in order to calculate your commission on jobs completed & get that £1,000 back to you when you've completed the 1000.

    NB - you’ve got 12 months to complete the 1000 jobs from the first date of registration.



    KiwiCouriers FORS 9999


    See you on the road,



brite sparks a e ltd

  • ·                     **FORS Members Only, cyclone silver Safety Package**  

    Full Package Offer fully installed on site

    1.    1TB Digital Hard Drive DVR

    2.    5 Cameras HD  Side Cameras, Reverse Camera,1080p forward camera available..

    3.    7" Colour touch screen Monitor. 

    4.    Cyclesense systems® to detect road users and alert the driver of the exact position and distance from the vehicle. 

    5.    Talking Left Turn Alarm with flashing strobes if required.


    FORS Members Only.  20% discount

    Please call for a full fleet survey to discuss requirements.

    All safety products available.


    Live View 360 Camera system. 5 Cameras 4G enabled for live footage access.



    Designed and manufactured by us in the UK


  • Discount for all FORS members. 

    Side scan system with audible and visible driver display pinpointing the actual position of the vulnerable road user and audible left turn alarm (bespoke message and strobes built in if required) all controlled with a speed control module, only allowing system to operate under 20 mph and operated by left indicater.

    Hazard light mute included.  Maximum discount of 20% from the normal price of £630 +VAT. 

    Your price  £504+VAT - larger fleets will enjoy more discount

    HGV rear led cyclist T warning Light - £389+VAT. Fitted normal price £450+VAT. 

    Strobe Lights Front and Rear supplied and fitted £350 +VAT 

    Camera system near side and reverse camera fitted £450 +VAT

    DVR 4 Camera System  supplied and fitted with quad screen triggers for left turn image when indicating - £1450+VAT. Discounts on Large Fleets...

    4 camara SD card system available with 256 GB card from £735+VAT. 

    Alarm lite strobed sounder supplied and fitted from £140 +VAT. Normally: £220+VAT

    Please call for fleet quote. 

    Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgot.

    Discount for all FORS members.

    ·                     **FORS members only, cyclone silver safety package**  

    Full package offer - fully installed on site

    1.    1TB digital hard drive DVR

    2.    5 cameras HD  side cameras, reverse camera,1080p forward camera available.    7" colour touch screen monitor. 

    4.    Cyclesense systems® to detect road users and alert the driver of the exact position and distance from the vehicle. 

    5.    Talking left turn alarm with flashing strobes if required.


    FORS Members Only.  20% discount

    Please call for a full fleet survey to discuss requirements.

    All safety products available.


    Live View 360 Camera system. 5 Cameras 4G enabled for live footage access.



    Designed and manufactured by us in the UK.



TomTom Telematics

  • To celebreate the release of the new "plus" Tachograph products, with the new daily driver card download and enhanced Remaining Driving Time features, TomTom Telematics are offering their Tachograph Manager Plus WEBFLEET add-on FOC for 3 months then £9 per vehicle per month (compared to a standard cost of £11.25). Tachograph Manager Plus offers full remote download, storage, and analysis of Tachograph data for drivers hour rules, as well as real time display of remaining driving times.

    The new TachoShare Plus product (with remaining driving time and remote downloads, but using your existing analysis partner) is offered  FOC for 3 months then £5 per vehicle per month (normal cost £7.90).  

    Both offers require a WEBFLEET Telematics license, LINK510 or 710 tracker, and appropriate installation and cable in order to work. The digital tachograph must support remote download as a feature (generally post 2011 tachographs support this feature but TomTom can check for you). 

    Applicable to current FORS members only. 


  • 10% discount on our LLRA business product subscription for all FORS members.

Project Pictogram - Driving Safer Roads

  • Project Pictogram - Driving Safer Roads

    FREE Pictogram artwork files for fleet safety sticker production, plus comprehensive Project Pictogram guidelines available to download free from the webpage. Copyright FREE artwork files (PDF & Ai formats), for sticker production, internal driver training documents, web/social media use, etc.  

    Helping protect lives and road profits with daily on-road reminders to ALL road users.    

Transport Support

  • 47% off the Indicator Alarmalight® (AVAL2-14CLHO) "Stand clear, this vehicle is turning left" RRP £277.83,

    • FORS Member offer £147.00
  • Low Speed Trigger Module for camera/left turn system activation at low speed 

    • FORS Member Offer: £62.00    RRP £102.00
  • 10% discount on all TS Reversing and Quad Camera systems

    • Reversing Camera prices starting from £225.00
  • Turn indicator trigger for camera/left turn system activation (TS-001ECU)

    • FORS Members offer: £21.95 RRP £25.00

  • Reversing Camera kit with Side View Camera

    Kit Includes:

    • TS850 7" Monitor 
    • TS16HD Reversing Camera 
    • TS45HD Side view Camera 
    • 20m Cable for rear camera 
    • 5m Cable for side camera 

    FORS Members offer: £310.00    RRP £395.00

  • Sidescan Kit for Rigid Vehicles (SS-4000W)

    Sidescan ultrasonic sensor system detects objects, cyclists and people in the nearside blind spot, providing an audible warning to the driver.


    • 4 Sensors
    • Buzzer
    • 4x0° flush mount fixings
    • 4x11° flush mount fixings
    • 4 underslung fixings
    • Waterproof control box
    • 10m buzzer cable
    • 4X4.5m sensor cables
    • 2X2.5m extension cable

    FORS Members offer: £152.00    RRP £195.00

    also available for the above:

    Talking external warning sounder with message 'Warning! This vehicle is turning left!' 

    FORS Members offer: £60.00   RRP £75.00

    *Prices Ex VAT


  • Four Camera System with Mobile Digital Video Recorder  

    - 4 Camera system for all round vision with MDVR (up to 4 weeks continuous video recording)

    - Kit Includes:

    • TS700 Digital Monitor 
    • TS42HDD 4 Channel Hard Drive DVR with GPS 
    • TS16HD Reversing Camera
    • TS45HD(L) Left View Camera 
    • TS45HD(R) Right View Camera
    • TS1C Forward View Camera
    • 1 x 20m Camera Cable 
    • 1 x AV Cable
    • 3 x 5m Camera Cable
    • 2 x Camera Angle Wedge 

    FORS Members Offer: £1225.00      RRP £1440.00

    3 Year warrenty on all parts! 


  • At AlcoDigital, we offer all FORS members a FREE consultation to assess your existing drug & alcohol policy and testing provison, as well as an exclusive 10% off all professional drug and alcohol testing equipment and certified training courses. 

    Please use promo code FORS10 to apply your discount online, or mention you are a FORS member when you speak to us. 

Truck UK

  • We are offering all FORS members 20% off the normal price for all the services and driver/management training booked with us from 1st February 2019 through to 30th April 2019.

Whip Around

  • 20% discount to all FORS members

RVM Assist Ltd

  • RVM offers the special price of £6.99 per enrolled driver for 12 months of the following services:

    1. Licence checking
    2. Online Assessments
    3. Telematics Data Analysis
    4. In-vehicle Camera Footage Analysis
    5. Accident Management
    6. Driver Training

    The service will include: 24 hours support, creation of a Driver Record holding all data (with a web Portal as a viewer), daily analysis of high risk data with automatic risk alerts, FNOL and repair deployment, post-event interviews to identify causation, appropriate online training and instant referrals to the client where appropriate.  The service also includes account management, quarterly reporting and driver safety bulletins.

    For more details please make direct contact with Paul Rose at RVM

Avian Mobile Ltd


    Free Solution Consultancy Service and Discounts on Professional Installation of Equipment throughout the UK

    With over 30 years’ experience and well over one million successful installations behind us, why not let the highly experienced team at Avian Fleet help you identify and implement the right solution for your fleet’s safety and telematics needs.

    We work with some of the World’s best solution providers and our FREE consultancy service will help you achieve your objectives first time and within budget.  The friendly guys and girls on our Fleet Desk, with over 100 professional engineers behind them, will ensure that your chosen solution is properly installed with the minimum of fuss and down-time.

    In addition, we are offering a 10% installation discount* for new clients.

    We install and support a wide range of in-vehicle equipment including:

    • Reversing Camera and Monitor Combinations
    • Multi Camera CCTV (with 4G options)
    • Dash Cameras (with 4G options)
    • Driver Behaviour Systems
    • Device Holders/Chargers
    • Light Bars & Beacons
    • Digital Mobile Radio
    • Blind-Spot Systems
    • Proximity Sensors
    • Telematics
    • Sat-Navs
    • Trackers
    • Mirrors
    • Sirens

    *Discount available to FORS members only and is based on our competitive standard fleet rates.  It applies to installation work for new account holders and is available for up to 3 months from the date of the account opening.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    Are you an equipment supplier?  Then why not get in touch and let us see if we can better support you and your sales team with our comprehensive range of service solutions including ConExSys, our industry leading workflow management platform.  We can tailor our online and telephony systems to blend into your brand almost seamlessly, further increasing your customers’ confidence in the overall service.  We offer competitive rates and can also assist with pre-sales support as well as product development and testing.


  • Tracking hardware cost reduced to just £90 per unit for FORS members followed by only £7 per month. Thatcham-approved live vehicle tracking with driver behaviour telematics and incident analysis. Free, simple self-installation available or professional installation available nationwide for discounted rates. 12-month contract.