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Truckk Ltd

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The future of transport on a bespoke digital platform that's free to join. 

1000's of careful, vetted drivers from small, medium & large transport + logistics companies.

1000's of satisfied customers ( private + commercial ) a TRUSTWORTHY network, all need precious cargo delivered with care. 

Businesses reduce costs by outsourcing work TO LIKEMINDED PEOPLE THEY TRUST...You've committed to it but it makes £££ sense if someone else handles it. Use us once a month or 100 times a day. 

Businesses can increase revenue by adding extra loads and/or items into pre-existing or one-off routes. ITS YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR CALL.

Customers ( private & commercial - as a FORS MEMBER - YOU'RE PROBABLY BOTH ) You and your Company get the best possible delivery option at the best possible price. You select the transport provider ( TRUCKKER )  based on feedback, timetable, cost ; whatever is important to YOU - on that day, for that job.

Drivers - JOIN US - but only if you're awesome.This isn't for everyone.






  • The 1st 1000

    FORS +


    1000 FORS registered companies

    1000 jobs completed on TRUCKK

    £1000 paid back PER COMPANY


    List jobs ( as a CUSTOMER )

    Bid on jobs ( as a DRIVER )


    FORS companies are invited to join TRUCKK & list work that needs outsourcing ***CREATE A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT***


    FORS companies can also BID ON WORK that needs doing ***CREATE A DRIVER ACCOUNT***


    Register your Company Name & FORS registration number in all cases to qualify for the £1000 cash back offer ***DRIVER ACCOUNTS ONLY***


    For an example of how we need to see your business profile when you register with TRUCKK, see below.


    We need to know your company name and FORS ID in order to calculate your commission on jobs completed & get that £1,000 back to you when you've completed the 1000.

    NB - you’ve got 12 months to complete the 1000 jobs from the first date of registration.



    KiwiCouriers FORS 9999


    See you on the road,



    Valid until 29/03/2020
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