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TruckSmart driver training is a seven-hour training course for all commercial HGV drivers, with a supporting toolkit for Fleet Managers equipping them with the knowledge and skills to operate and manage safe and roadworthy vehicles. To view all funded dates available, please scroll down the page.

TruckSmart focuses on the importance of driving roadworthy HGVs and the role of the driver in ensuring that vehicles and loads are safe and legal at all times. Alongside TruckSmart driver training, there is an eLearning module. The accompanying TruckSmart Fleet Manager Toolkit provides tools, guidance and resources for managers looking to develop and implement an HGV safety system within their organisation. TruckSmart tracks a series of five themes. These five simple messages are echoed throughout both the TruckSmart training course and the accompanying fleet manager toolkit. They are:

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  • Know it: a safe vehicle matters
  • Check it: walk around before, during and after journeys
  • Load it: plan and position your load safely
  • Secure it: secure your load correctly
  • Report it: record problems and take action

Attending TruckSmart is worth 6 CPD hours. Find out how to claim your CPD hours here. For more information about CILT(UK) CPD, please click here.



Who should attend TruckSmart?

TruckSmart is essential training for all HGV commercial drivers, regardless of their area of operation. The training will raise levels of knowledge to enhance awareness of the importance of HGV safety and their own roles and responsibilities in ensuring that HGVs are safe and roadworthy at all times.

What drivers will learn from TruckSmart?

TruckSmart follows a comprehensive course programme that also aligns to the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence syllabus.

The course covers the following subject areas:

  • The moral, economic and legal importance of operating safe and roadworthy vehicles
  • Drivers’ roles and responsibilities within the HGV safety system
  • Vehicle checks and defect reporting
  • The principles of safe loading
  • The elements of a good load security system and the different types and use of load restraints
  • How to mitigate the effects of loads on driving and operational performance
  • The roles and responsibilities of the regulatory and enforcement bodies
  • The risks, penalties and consequences of driving with an unroadworthy vehicle or unsafe load
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