Warning signage graphics

FORS-Logo-Tagline_TransFORS encourages companies to run safe and efficient fleets and FORS accredited operators are committed to improving the safety of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

FORS members are required to fit HGVs and vehicles designed to carry more than 16 with blind spot warning signage. The warning signage should warn of the hazard and advise other road users to take appropriate action, for example ‘Blind spot – Take Care’.

There are 3 types of signage – ‘warning’. ‘instructional’ and ‘offensive.’

Signage that is considered instructional is not recommended.  FORS guidance is that all existing ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ warning signs should be replaced with the FORS approved signage above, which has been designed in conjunction with the cycling community. ‘Stay Back’ signage fitted to vehicles will result in a Minor Action Point at FORS audit.

Offensive signage fitted to vehicles will result in a Major Action Point at FORS audit. Failure to remove such signage will result in suspension from FORS until it is removed or replaced.

Where it is impractical to display the warning signage on the rear of the vehicle (for example obstruction caused by a beaver-tail or similar), the signage should be placed in a prominent position clearly visible to cyclists and other road users.

Vehicles of 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and under (such as vans) do not need to be equipped with warning signage unless the operator is contractually obliged to do so.

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