What support is available to me?

How to specify FORS

Your guide to a safer, smarter and greener supply chain.

Specifying FORS in procurement contracts

A guide to help procurement professionals include Responsible Fleet Operators as part of Responsibly Procurement initiatives.

Overseer Dashboard

Designed for specifiers that oversee a FORS supply chain or local region, or that manage a number of FORS accredited operating centres.

Who’s on board Application Programming Interface (API)

Our API will allow a connection between the FORS database and your IT system. This allows you to check accreditation details of your supply chain against the FORS database.

FORS Specifier alerts

As a FORS Champion, you can sign up to FORS Specifier alerts, which will enable you to receive notifications about organisations in your supply chain being suspended or terminated from the scheme and tell you why.

Support for operators

FORS offers a comprehensive range of training and toolkits to improve skill levels and performance across your organisation.

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