The FORS Workplace Travel Plan Toolkit will help you to meet Gold requirement G4

Gold requirement ‘G4 Staff travel’ has been introduced to encourage the promotion of sustainable staff travel behaviour in order to minimise the negative impact of staff travel to and from the workplace.

What is a workplace travel plan?

A workplace travel plan is a series of measures and initiatives to encourage staff and visitors to reduce single occupancy car use by promoting car sharing, cycling, walking and public transport. It defines targets and measures to ensure that the objectives of the plan are achieved and that it remains sustainable over the longer term. The FORS workplace travel plan must be aligned to the relevant local authority guidance.

What must be included in your FORS workplace travel plan?

  • A workplace audit and staff survey
  • Objectives and staff travel targets
  • Incentives and initiatives to reduce reliance on car use
  • An action plan and monitoring strategy

How do you create a workplace travel plan?

FORS has produced a toolkit comprising a template with step-by-step guidance to take you through each item that must be included. The template includes a staff and visitor survey, a template to present the results, examples of objectives and targets, incentives and initiatives, and more. Simply complete or delete where relevant the sections in grey and replace with the information for your workplace.

Small operators (organisations with fewer than five vehicles and fewer than five employees) can produce a shorter version of the workplace travel plan as indicated on page 1 of the template.

What do I need to do once I have produced my workplace travel plan?

Once you are happy that you have completed all the relevant sections, then for Gold operators wishing to apply or renew their Gold accreditation, upload the document via the FORS evidencing system in the usual way.

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