FORS Fleet Management System


Helping you to gain and maintain FORS Accreditation

FORS fleet management system, powered by FleetCheck, delivers a comprehensive platform enabling complete vehicle, driver and organisation management.

FORS FMS delivers the tools you need to obtain and maintain your FORS accreditation. Its intuitive design suits fleets of all sizes, providing a robust audit trail and total peace of mind.


  • FORS documentation
  • Document storage
  • Transport Infringements
  • Vehicle fleet


  • Licensing
  • Professional development
  • Health & Eyesight
  • Driving Standards


  • Inspection and maintenance planning
  • Daily walk around checks
  • Vehicle tax
  • Insurance


  • Fuel emissions and air quality
  • Routing
  • Road traffic collisions
Benefits and Features FORS Fleet Tools (FFT) FORS FMS 1-5 Vehicles FORS FMS 5+ Vehicles
Free set-up(saving £10.00 per vehicle)
Access to all new FFT, including fuel management, Incident management, and PCN management toolkits
Direct import of performance data to FORS Silver and Gold application forms (coming soon)
Management- checklist to demonstrate which documents are required
Safety data importing
Driver- checklist and reminders for when updates are required  
Vehicle- checklist that allows you to manage maintenance schedule and provide customised reporting for audits  
Operations - checklist and reports to support demonstration of compliance  
Free integrated drivers walk around app aligned to FORS requirements, FORS FMS Mobile  
Automatic set-up  
Staff assisted set-up   
Free Trial period  3 months1 month
CostFree for all membersDiscounted charge per vehicle per month*Discounted charge per vehicle per month
* Minimum charges apply