How to Specify FORS


1. Become a FORS Champion

A FORS Champion represents an organisation which specifies FORS in its supply chain or which promotes FORS. Visit the FORS website to sign up for free to become a FORS Champion.

2. Decide what level of FORS to Specify

Speak to FORS for advice and let us know what you plan to implement. Make use of the FORS support tools.

3. Implement  FORS on a voluntary bases

Phase-in the requirements of the FORS Standard on a voluntary basis by requesting, but not enforcing, your suppliers to comply. This will give you time to gradually introduce change, allowing a period of adjustment and feedback that may prove beneficial in the long run.

4. Implement  FORS through procurement and contractual clauses

For Responsible Fleet Operations to be approved as supplier contracts, the requirements need to be flexible, accessible and manageable.