JK Rail Ltd – The Journey to Gold

JK Rail Ltd is owned and operated by Joseph O’Connor, based in Aspley, Hertfordshire. The company was created back in 2006, specialising in security fencing and fabrication, supplying, installing and advising on all issues relating to securing boundary fencing in commercial premises. A large part of their work covers the TFL rail network. The company operates 5 vans, from 1.8 to 3.5 tonnes.

Along with Transport Manager Stephen Juffs, FORS Practitioner Michael O’Connor and Fleet Manager Sean Devine, they all look to continuously adopt the FORS standard to the running of the business. Since joining the scheme, their business has noticed improvements with the safety record and driver training.

The company first heard of FORS through a Principal Contractor they were working with, where it became mandatory for all contractors to have obtained the accreditation to be able to work on the London Underground. They have been operating at Silver since 2015.

JK Rail Ltd passed their FORS Bronze audit first time 7 years ago. This was challenging to the team, but they all quickly saw the benefits it brought to the company.

After gaining their Bronze, the company confirmed that FORS was an invaluable resource and helping them move forward as a business with noticeable improvements. Silver accreditation was gained first time, with now Gold being the next step.

“Becoming FORS Bronze and then Silver has helped us become a more conscientious and productive company” – Joseph O’Connor (Owner of JK Rail Ltd)

Once JK Rail Ltd gained their Bronze and Silver, they found the online tools especially useful. Utilising the driver training programme, classroom based and E-Learning, they found it reduced accident rates by 100% over the past 36 months by increasing the awareness of road safety.

“Our FORS membership has been invaluable to our company and has helped continued commitment to sharing the roads as well as improvements to driver and vehicle safety” – Sean Devine (Fleet Manager of JK Rail Ltd)

Since becoming Bronze and then Silver accredited, JK Rail Ltd have made many improvements to the business:


Incidents per 100,000


CO2 NOx PM10 Number of PCNs

Proportion of fleet that uses alternative fuels

Year 2018 24.78 0 27.45 57 1.04 0 0%
Year 2019 15.48 0 30.41 63.14 1.15 0 0%
Year 2020 14.39 0 35.40 73.50 1.34 TBC TBC
Percentage improvement -41.92% 0 +28.96% +28.94% +28.84% TBC TBC
  • Performance data – Some decrease in fuel efficiency has been noted, but by using FORS fuel performance data, this has highlighted the issue so we may proceed to action and improve upon where necessary
  • Driver health and fitness review – All staff drivers are now required to complete an annual health declaration as well as report any health complications that may affect their The company now has a fitness and wellbeing policy, which highlights the importance of staying active and promoting a healthy lifestyle with exercise tips.
  • Recruitment of drivers – When recruitment is required, the company has a robust policy and procedure in place that demonstrates equal opportunities, a thorough induction process and right to work
  • Noise assessment – The company carries out their own in house noise assessment using FORS recommended applications, of which the results reviewed and acted on where
  • Modal shift and alternative vehicles – The company attends all the major commercial motor vehicle shows to ensure they keep to update with the latest technology, as well sign up for demonstrator vehicles where they can and provide constructive feedback. JK Rail Ltd will always consider alternative fuels and ULEZ type vehicles, with annual reviews carried out by the owner and transport manager.
  • Routing and scheduling – The company has introduced new routing and scheduling polies and procedures, to enable safer roads around high risk areas as well as complaints. This has contributed to the number of complaints and incidents being recorded to

JK Rail Ltd intends to continue in investing in the latest technology and safety equipment. Replacing older vehicles when the time comes to the newest Euro standard as well keeping up to date with industry initiatives to help drive down fuel consumption and emissions. The company already operates low entry vehicles in the form of vans.

The company actively promotes FORS through the use of their logos on official letterheads as well as emails. They have also recently set up a social media account, which is updated periodically with pictures of the fleet at high profile locations.

Going for Gold and becoming accredited to the highest FORS standard will show that the company is dedicated to continual improvements, across the environment, road safety and driver training.

JK Rail Ltd can be followed on Instagram with the following details: @jkrailltd (https://www.instagram.com/jkrailltd/?hl=en)

*Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim

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