Month: November 2017

Handy FORS Professional eLearning leaflet now available

FORS has produced a new leaflet that provides a handy summary of all the FORS Professional eLearning modules currently available. This may be a particularly useful reference document when developing the mandatory Professional Development Plan (PDP) for all drivers and staff involved in the fleet operation under FORS Bronze requirement ‘D4 professional development’. As part … Read more

Smart Deliveries group delivery training pack released

The FORS Professional Smart Deliveries eLearning module is now available as a PowerPoint group delivery training pack. Designed for operators and drivers with limited computer or internet access, the aim of this pack is to give operators added flexibility to embrace the continued professional development of their drivers. Smart Deliveries is one of the latest … Read more

KCS Haulage -Moving towards Gold

KCS Haulage is a family based business established over 30 years ago. Over the years the company have grown through the exceptional services that they provide to their customers and take pride in doing the work quickly, efficiently, in a professional manner. Managing Director Colin Marshall explains how the FORS standard has supported the operation … Read more