Month: August 2021

Make use of the FORS Professional training register to check your training is still valid

The FORS Professional training register provides a record of the FORS Professional and FORS Approved training completed by individuals – this includes classroom-based, webinars and eLearning modules. All valid training is displayed in accordance with the mandatory professional development timeframes set out at Annexes 1 and 2 of the FORS Standard. You can search for … Read more

Have you checked out the FORS tutorials page?

Tutorial videos offering guidance on ‘How to reset your eLearning password’ and ‘How to upload your group eLearning’ are available to help you on FORS online. A ‘How to reset your eLearning password’ tutorial is available online and offers tips and step-by-step guidance on the correct process you need to follow to reset your eLearning … Read more