Month: July 2020

Temporary relaxation of the on-cycle element for Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart to meet Silver requirement S5

In order to support FORS members during the coronavirus pandemic, FORS introduced a temporary relaxation in May for meeting the work-related road risk (WRRR) professional development requirement S5 for FORS members wishing to progress to Silver or renewing their Silver accreditation. This means that until further notice from FORS, members will be able to pass … Read more

Make sure you undertake all Bronze and Silver training to meet FORS Silver requirement ‘S5 Professional development’

Whether it is your initial Silver application, or a re-approval submission, you must ensure you have undertaken the appropriate training needed to meet FORS Silver requirement ‘S5 Professional development’. Remember, at Silver, both Bronze and Silver mandatory training requirements apply. This means that you must check that the Bronze eLearning modules completed by your drivers … Read more