Month: January 2021

Press release: Abnormal indivisible loads – new training from FORS

FORS is launching new specialist training designed to help transport managers better understand how to manage the transportation of abnormal indivisible loads. Abnormal indivisible loads (AILs) are classified as loads which cannot, without undue expense or risk of damage, be divided into two or more loads, in order to transport. In some instances, depending on … Read more

Managing Abnormal Indivisible Loads – free toolkit and free course available

FORS has developed a new training course to equip FORS operators with the knowledge needed to ensure the safe transport of abnormal indivisible loads. The four-hour FORS Professional Managing Abnormal Indivisible Loads (AILs) course is offered free of charge to FORS members. In addition to this new training course, a downloadable AIL toolkit is available … Read more

Reduce risk of road traffic collisions with the Collision Management toolkit

The FORS Professional Collision Management toolkit can help you reduce the number and severity of road traffic collisions that your vehicles are involved in. By actively managing road risk and engaging with the workforce, it is possible to reduce the risk of collisions. The toolkit sets out a framework for collision management that shows how … Read more