The Morrisroe Group has continued its growth into a multi-faceted business, incorporating the groundwork, civil engineering and structures contractor, temporary & permanent works design company, PT design and installation company, fit out and joinery contractor, joinery manufacturer.

Our plant hire division has continued growth and we have appointed new fleet managers and an operations manager based in Ampthill, Bedford.

This site continues to provide plant and equipment to A J Morrisroe & Sons sites across Greater London.

We are exploring new possibilities of sites that will enable us to be more efficient and we are always looking into the alternative fuels.

This all remains the case and the business continues to operate in the same way but we are conscious of our impact and we have now ordered 4 more commercial vehicle trailers investing over £500,000 in an effort to modernize our approach to deliveries.

Our plan moving forward is to primarily deliver trailers of required equipment and trailer swap with loaded trailers of equipment and building materials due to be returned to the Transport yard in Ampthill. We had relied heavily on the use of FORS Gold delivery contractors from the site, but with the addition of our new team in Ampthill have streamlined our systems to reduce vehicle movements and reduce 3rd party haulage costs and we have reduced the costs and impact of other company vehicle movements by 60%  but with this new investment in vehicles and trailers and approach to smart deliveries, we are far less reliant on the 3rd parties and on acquisition of our new trailers, due in November will make the deliveries and collections far more efficient by effectively trailer swapping and we are thus able to complete more deliveries, have more loads and load consolidations, not tying up resource by waiting for loading and unloading trailers on site. The new lorries have been a major investment and we have purchased the Scania options with the least environmental impact. They are also fitted with the latest fuel efficient engines and gearboxes. They also all meet the FORS and DVS standards right off the bat.

We were introduced to FORS in 2014 by a client who required Bronze accreditation as part of their contractual requirements. This fell right in place with the direction that we saw the company heading with regards to safety and environmental issues.

Since obtaining Bronze accreditation in 2014 we have continually looked at improving, culminating in us obtaining Gold accreditation in 2017. We continue to believe in FORS in 2021 and we wish to continue that well in to the next few years. We understand what FORS stands for and we are ever keen to minimise any risk to vulnerable road users as a result of our operation.

Not only has FORS accreditation helped Morrisroe to stand out from other companies within out sector but it has more importantly helped us continually improve in areas such as road safety and the environmental impacts surrounding the running of a fleet of vehicles.

Head of HSEQ Hakim Nazerali said,

 “The health and safety of our workers and the public, and care for the environment in which we live and work are our number one priority. The continual development of our drivers and improvement of equipment to eliminate any harm to people and the environment is something we are proud to embrace.”

  • We have still noted significant benefits from FORS e-learning in that this enabled us to assist with the educational development of our managers and fleet drivers. The introduction of camera kits, warnings, silent kits, corner scan kits etc. has also provided extra visibility to our drivers, not to mention the peace of mind that it has provided the drivers and ourselves.

Ltr per 100km Incidents per 100,000 Kms CO2 NOx PM10 Number of PCNs

Proportion of fleet that uses alternative fuels

Year 3 33.2/100km 0 46.4   181.8 2.72 04 0%
Year 4 42.1/100km 0 46.5    232.8 3.48 01 0%
Year 5              
Percentage improvement 7.8% 0% 0.1% -12.8% 7.8% 75% 0%

Although we saw an increase in fuel consumption from 2016 to 2017 this was found to be attributable to the increase in projects within heavily congested areas in London. With this in mind we since retired one of our older vehicles and replaced it with higher rated Euro emissions standards in order to minimise our environmental impact. Over the time since our first submission we have continued to minimise our fuel consumption with greater emphasis based on efficient load policies, new delivery schedules for sites and a new direction in relation to minimising time on site with demurrage charges. We have negotiated holding areas for each site which minimises the PCN issues that many companies face in and around London

We have continued to increase our ability to reduce consumption based on more efficient vehicles which we are still increasing as part of our corporate sustainability program of 2021/22

As you can see from the above table, we are still continuing to reduce our impact with better fuel consumption gaining a near 8% increase in 100km travelled by fuel used. This is new engine efficiencies, better driver training and awareness and the correct setting for any aero dynamic settings for the trucks.

  • Morrisroe still run a comprehensive health and fitness review scheme for our fleet drivers which includes safety critical workers assessments for all drivers, regular eye tests as well as a comprehensive driver’s fitness declaration.
  •  In 2018 Morrisroe commenced rolling out our Health & Wellbeing strategy across the business which includes raising awareness on issues such as stress, mental health and the general wellbeing of all our staff.
  • This has been continued and we are seeing the benefits for all staff well into 2021
  • We have a people and communities’ strategy as part of a sustainable approach to employment. Part of the strategy encourages and promotes work for disadvantaged groups (e.g. NEETs, long term unemployed) and ex armed forces. This is still in place and we firmly believe in giving something back
  • We continue to promote these programs and we have seen many benefits as a business
  • Noise reduction, the replacement of standard alarms fitted to plant and vehicles with white noise alarms (where these are not fitted as standard). Our delivery Vehicles are now required to switch off engines on site until movements are required further reducing consumption and pollution
  • Various measures are taken to reduce noise pollution which includes: the implementation of environmental policies on sites such as run silent policies, the active monitoring of noise levels on sites and fleet driver’s awareness training. In addition to these measures we also actively investigate different ways of improving environmentally across the business I.e. tyre options available for our current fleet which would provide improved .

In 2018 we retired one of the older vehicles in the fleet and replaced it with higher rated Euro emissions standards vehicle.

After having achieved FORS Gold Accreditation, the next focus for us as a business is to maintain this and to continually strive to improve on our performance indicators for the coming year.

We have seen continued improvements here and this is down to the FORS systems that have been implemented and updated. Driver training is our key focus for the autumn of 2021 and our main emphasis will be around efficiency and improvements in noise reduction as part of our Silver accreditations

Obtaining FORS Gold accreditation has demonstrated to all employees and clients our commitment in the professional development of our employees, the safety of vulnerable road users and environmental impacts of our operations.

This has continued as part of our growth strategy and we remain committed to FORS for the foreseeable future.

We continue to promote FORS in the following ways:

  • Use of the FORS logo on our vehicles
  • Promote FORS through our company website (snapshot below – about us with inclusion of FORS logo) & AJ Morrisroe FORS Gold fleet that operate from our goods yard (Kingscote Construction Services)
  • We have a LinkedIn social media account which takes you to the website and promotion of FORS
  • We have supported the FORS Practitioner workshops, putting our staff on the training modules
  • We have partaken in FORS events, the last one being the fourth annual FORS Members’ Conference on Tuesday 15 October 2019 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham (last available one pre-COVID) We have supported road safety initiatives such as Exchanging Places
  • On our projects and have actively involved our supply chain in these events to promote road safety and the FORS ethos.

Onwards  and upwards for 2022.

Please could you take the time to complete a short questionnaire and provide feedback about FORS. Please note all answers you provide will be strictly confidential and will only be used by FORS to help us to improve the scheme. To access the survey, please click the link here:https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=153908006313

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