READ – how to book an audit?

To help you book your Bronze audit, we’ve put together a ‘How to’ document to guide you through the process along with the costs involved.

Please note, under M6 Vehicle fleet, FORS operators are now required to provide vehicle registration marks (VRMs) and vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for trailers. This information will be asked for when you request your audit and it must be provided via any electronic document that clearly presents the required information.

    How to book a Bronze audit?
    Cost of Bronze audit

If you have a multi-operating centre accreditation (MOCA) please use the following button:

CHECK – the audit cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your audit, please read our audit cancellation policy. However, please be aware that progression from registered to Bronze is mandatory within 90 calendar days. Also, for existing Bronze members, you must undertake your re-approval audit at least 45 calendar days – but no more than 75 calendar days – before the expiry of your Bronze accreditation. This ensures that you have enough time left between your on-site audit and your accreditation expiry date to receive the audit results and to conduct a follow-up audit/s within 30 calendar days if you do not pass first time.

    Audit cancellation policy