COYLE HAULAGE LTD – Maintaining momentum

COYLE HAULAGE LTD – Maintaining momentum

Coyle Haulage Ltd based in Greenford are a family run business founded by myself, John  Coyle. The company has grown steadily in recent years from the point of being an owner  driver in 1996 to now employing eight staff, inclusive of four family members, and operating  seven heavy haulage vehicles. We operate low loader, draw-bar and HIAB vehicles
servicing the construction industry, major infrastructure projects and Network Rail.

We initially heard about the FORS standard following discussions with clients and industry contacts. The company felt it important to raise its profile, image and standards so set about aligning its policies and procedures with those of the FORS standard. Coyle Haulage Ltd have been FORS members since 2014 and has evolved with the standard in that time. Operating in line with the FORS Standard has seen the company develop a positive culture of safety, compliance, efficiency and environmental awareness.

The initial bronze audit was passed at the first attempt although I have to admit it was a quite  daunting experience having someone audit our operational procedures. The measures  required were developed and with additional FORS guidance Coyle Haulage Ltd were able to enhance systems in place and develop strategies for moving forward.

Once Coyle Haulage Ltd achieved Bronze accreditation we took advantage of the various  FORS toolkits, driver training modules and other resources including PCN management. The  company then set its sights even higher, quickly achieving and maintaining FORS Silver  accreditation. By 2017 we were confident that with systems in place aligned with the  knowledge gained from the FORS Standard we were in a position to gain FORS Gold accreditation.

Coyle Haulage Ltd has taken a pragmatic approach to its fleet renewal programme which has resulted in a tangible reduction in emission outputs. Using the FORS standard to assist  the company in its procurement processes the company embarked upon a gradual fleet  renewal scheme to facilitate this. I believe that the combination of acknowledging the FORS  standard, upgrading to a fleet of Euro VI vehicles and improvements in driver training has  resulted in increased fuel efficiency figures, reductions in CO2 emissions and an improved  understanding of environmental impacts.

Director, John Coyle – “FORS Gold accreditation demonstrates to our clients that we take our responsibilities seriously, especially those relating to safety and the environment. This is  also a demonstrable facilitator in tendering for new contracts”. 

There has also been a reduction in collision and the amount of PCN’s issued, thanks to the utilisation of the vast array of road risk related toolkits, driver training, Practitioner Workshops and eLearning modules made available by FORS.

Director, Shaun Coyle – “The utilisation of  the vast array of toolbox talks, toolkits and  training that FORS have made available has undoubtedly raised driver standards”. 

Our modern fleet of vehicles now return far more favourable efficiency figures as  demonstrated in the table below.

  • Drivers are checked periodically for their health, fitness, medical and  and fitness review – provide details of how your company is actively implementing appropriate measures in place to minimise the risk of incidents as a result of underlying  health problems or diagnosis of a condition
  • Our drivers largely come from recommendation, but we are currently reviewing ways to  encourage new drivers into the industry via local schools and colleges and adding a recruitment section to the website.
  • The company has undertaken noise assessments at the Greenford operating centre and noise levels were found to be well within permissible limits on every occasion. In addition, the operating centre is away from domestic dwellings, schools, hospitals and  retail establishments. All vehicles are fitted with the latest noise abatement equipment.
  • Due to the nature of our operations, in particular the heavy haulage sector, modal shift  would be impractical at this moment in time. The company do however assess different modes with clients at each site to determine practicality on a case-by-case basis.

Coyle Haulage Ltd aim to encourage customers, suppliers and other companies from within  the industry to take advantage of the benefits that FORS can bring, by advertising the brand  wherever possible.

It is imperative that Coyle Haulage Ltd maintain momentum by maintaining, exceeding and  promoting the FORS Standard with a common collective goal across all aspects of our  operation and we look forward to continuing our FORS association for many more years.

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