Dorsey construction Materials – Keep Calm and Keep the GOLD

Dorsey construction Materials – Keep Calm and Keep the GOLD

Since joining the FORS scheme we were able to take advantage of the excellent benefits such as E-learning and classroom training for drivers and transport staff. We have found the Van Smart Training module a great help as this has given all of our staff a greater knowledge than they may have had before as it has highlighted implications from their actions on other road users.

Having our drivers do this ensured that their road safety knowledge is of the highest standard and safety procedures that we expect.

As a relatively small business with only a fleet of small vans, at first the bronze accreditation seemed adequate, but then we quickly realised that FORS Gold accreditation fitted perfectly with company objectives to improve safety, education and training plus helping us, improving environmental performance.

We were able to take advantage of the excellent benefits available to FORS members, such as free FORS practitioner training and free online driver training, discounted driver licence checks and discounted roadside assistance.

We are so proud to say after a difficult year of dealing with Pandemic, illness, loss of staff and business going to complete stop for couple of months, we still managed to pick up where we left off and carry on with our FORS Gold standards and training, recruiting two new drivers and all with Zero incident for the year.

The Gold accreditation has meant so much to us, we are wholly dedicated to making the company the best it can be and we are extremely proud of the commitment in all areas that everyone involved in the business has put in, we have used the materials provided by FORS to assist with the continual Growth of the company.

What improvements have you made?

These shall include:

  • Performance data – as you can see bellow, we have done some improvement from 2019 to 2021 as 2020 wasn’t a full year, we like to think comparing to 2021 we have improved on CO2.



Incidents per 100,000 Kms CO2 NOx PM10
Year 2019 1 118.4547 86.5226 1.0330
Year 2020 1 88.2778 79.0592 0.9439
Year 2021 1 116.2346 88.8985 1.0614

We have also found Toolbox talks key as drivers can come together and we can put ideas out between each other to find the best results for not only the business but also the industry that we work in.

  • Driver health and fitness review – All drivers can notify of any changes in health at any time, if there are any changes made, we are notified immediately so can take appropriate action, we also carry out six monthly health declarations and eyesight checks ensuring that we always uphold legal requirements and that all drivers for the company are fit to carry out their activities. Assessment of drivers now features alongside assessments for shift work and site work. Safeguarding drivers has visibly worked towards improving individual driving standards for some, and highlighted where further targeted intervention is required. Where standards of driving are high, there has been a reduction in maintenance costs and allowed us to issue new vehicles safe in the knowledge that they will be well looked after.
  • Recruitment of drivers – Drivers are representing the image of the company daily, to achieve the best level of expertise within our industry we always encourage progression from within, especially in the current climate with shortages on skilled transport staff. a structured mentoring programme has been developed to allow young or new drivers to be supervised in their first couple of months on the road. Coupled with FORS training, by the time they drive solo, new drivers will feel confidant and comfortable to drive in many different conditions.
  • Noise assessment – All of our drivers have been briefed on our noise policy, we encourage drivers to only start engines when ready to start their journeys, also when arriving at site to switch off engines where possible and refrain from using horns and where necessary switching reverse alerts on fitted vehicles onto hush mode where terms have been posed by councils for deliveries to take place with consideration of neighbouring residents.

In an effort to keep improving, we aim to reduce idling through choice of future vehicles, publicity and driver training thus saving on fuel costs and gaseous emissions.

We Believe in FORS Process and great evidence for that is how every year we encourage suppliers or customer of Our to join FORS or investigate the benefit, we do send email every now and then to show how proud we are of our certificates and we talk about it on our social media pages.

In summary, maintaining FORS Gold has always been about striving for the best fleet management standards possible. There is great pride in developing drivers where beforehand the driving element was subsidiary to the business task and there is immense pride in having third party recognition for high fleet standards visible for all staff and clients to see.