Swift Scaffolding Limited Gaining Gold

Swift Scaffolding Limited Gaining Gold

Swift Scaffolding Limited are based at Marks Tey Colchester Essex and supply, erect and hire scaffolding to the construction industry. Logistics manager Mervyn Rolf explains how Swift Scaffolding Limited have recently replaced some of their fleet with Euro 6 models and plan to upgrade further soon and are considering introducing alternative fuelled types with a view to achieving large reductions in fuel use, CO2, NOx and particulate matter emissions, improving on their good road safety record, decreasing transport related fines and charges through FORS.  

We came across FORS as a contractual condition through Mace one of our many valued clients. We realised this would benefit us by consistently measuring our company’s standards and performance, and to gain knowledge of innovations within the industry and demonstrate our commitment to best practise.

Swift Scaffolding Limited passed our initial FORS Bronze assessment on the 14th of August 2013. From here we were encouraged to progress and achieve FORS Silver and then onto Gold which we achieved in 2014.

As a FORS accredited Company we have utilised the excellent benefits available for drivers and managers. The drivers have been on driver CPC courses safe urban driving, staying legal courses, eLearning courses and toolbox talks. Managers have been on FORS practitioner’s workshops, managing O-licence and essential O-licence courses all available through FORS, who are adding new workshops and courses all the time helping us gain valuable improvements which is reflected in our constant improvements programme.

Mervyn Rolf Logistics manager ‘Gaining Gold gave use a competitive edge in the construction industry thanks to FORS’

 FORS Workshops have been a practical way of both improving our knowledge and learning from others; we have fitted our fleet with cameras sensors and left turn alarms to assist with alerting vulnerable road users of our presence and giving our drivers extra visibility and peace of mind. All vehicles and trailers have FORS recommended signage, Swift Scaffolding Limited are continually seeking ways to improve our safe operation.

Mervyn Rolf logistics manager ‘we want to be the best’

Once we were Bronze, we decided that we should progress to Silver because we wanted to improve our knowledge and standards silver also brought us into line with CLOCS (construction logistics and community safety) which we are CLOCS champions and as being a scaffolding company, we needed to be FORS silver and is what CLOCS require you to be at on most construction sites. Then we thought to go for FORS gold and become an exceptional operator which we have been for the last 8 years.



MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms CO2 NOx PM10 Number of PCNs Proportion of fleet that uses alternative fuels
Year 2020 13.69 1 128.87 tonnes 264.3209 kg 4.2508 kg 0 0%
Year 2021 13.55 1






0 0%
Percentage 1.02%- 0% 44.35%+ 7.08% + 1073.35%+ 0% 0%
  • Due to the massive growth in the construction industry over the last couple of years and Swift Scaffolding Ltd expanding and picking up new clients our fuel KPIs have turned negative this is due to the extra work picked up which has equated to over an extra 20000 km a year. We have now replaced and added three Euro 6 vehicles to our fleet to help reduce our emissions and are hoping to acquire another two soon.
  • Strategy for recruiting drivers – Swift Scaffolding Limited are members of the FTA and work with their direction on recruiting new drivers we also bring on scaffolders working on site who have their HGV licences.
  • Driver health and fitness: all our drivers complete an annual, signed FORS health questionnaire. If an issue arises, we will send the driver off for an independent occupational medical health review.

The drivers also have a six-monthly eyesight test using Eye Lab SeeDrivepro HGV/PSV tests. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle through the introduction of media posters etc. We also carry out random alcohol and drug testing in line with our policy and procedure.

  • Noise assessment – Swift Scaffolding Limited have our own health and safety department who deal with noise assessments for the vehicles and yard they issue toolbox talks to drivers and yard staff to the effect of noise and work with our client’s transport logistics plans to reduce noise at the client’s sites.
  • Modal shift and alternative vehicles – Swift Scaffolding Limited have looked at modal shift with the FTA information and guidance, but we use specialist kit and have tight time schedules that the clients book us into so not practical at present. Due to our geographical location.

Our plans for the future Swift Scaffolding Ltd, In order to make continual fleet improvements, have purchased 3 Euro VI vehicles, In the near future are looking at procuring low entry/ high visibility vehicles and looking at alternative fuelled vehicles. Revising the way, we monitor driver fitness and health, bringing additional OCs onboard as this will help our company to stay ahead of best practice and ahead of the game.

Becoming FORS Gold Accredited Swift Scaffolding Ltd has shown to our clients that we are serious about safety compliance and being above best practise, this gives us an edge. Through FORS training workshops e-learning for drivers and managers everyone can reach this accreditation. This will be our 5th year at gold and being first in our industry to gain gold was a proud moment for the company and to me personally all thanks to FORS. Looking forward to the years to come learning and gaining experience being a safer complaint company.

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