FORS Gold Operator Orlight celebrates cost, environment and safety improvements

  • Data shows up to 25 per cent savings in operational costs
  • Savings of up to 8.9 per cent in CO2 and 9.2 per cent in NOx emissions
  • Six-year zero-incident record

Established in 1997, Hertfordshire-based Orlight is a manufacturer of high-quality lighting products, delivered to commercial, hospitality, residential and educational construction projects globally.

Since its introduction to FORS in 2014, Orlight has seen its upgraded policies and processes realise transport-related savings of between 20 – 25 per cent. Plus, thanks to comprehensive training through FORS, the organisation celebrates a six-year zero-incident record across its fleet of six vehicles.

Orlight Transport Manager Claudiu Popa attributes the company’s operational savings directly to FORS. “The performance management toolkit really helped us set our targets and gave us the key to creating sustainable business solutions. Taking advantage of the FORS eLearning modules provided tools to create better policies and procedures as well as significantly improve our MPG, thereby also reducing our carbon footprint.”

In addition to his responsibilities as transport manager, Claudiu is also the elected Fuel and Emissions and Road Risk Champion. Claudiu recognises how crucial FORS driver training has been to improving fuel usage and has recorded savings of up to 17.5 per cent since becoming FORS accredited.

Orlight drivers are provided with regular access to FORS eLearning and in-class training courses and, to date, all drivers have completed both Safe Urban Driving (SUD) and LoCITY Driving training. This focus on road risk management and road user safety has been instrumental in the company recording zero safety-related incidents for the last six years.

Claudiu commented: “Upon initial examination of the requirements and benefits of joining FORS, we found that it aligned well with our company’s commitment to enhancing safety and with our goals to increase fuel efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.”

“We have consistently placed a high priority on compliance and safety, so we were able to attain our Bronze and Silver accreditation without delay. Additionally, being a FORS Accredited Operator facilitated our application process for ISO (the international organisation for standardisation) accreditation as many of the necessary procedures and policies were already in place, making the process and ISO audit relatively uncomplicated.”

Despite being Gold accredited for the last five years, Orlight’s policy is one of continuous improvement. New routing software and telematics partners in 2022 aimed to improve the fleet’s route efficiency, providing access to more detailed reports on idling, MPG and driver behaviour and subsequently having a positive impact on lowering emissions.

Next on the agenda at Orlight is the desire to upgrade the fleet to alternative powered vehicles. With a remit to improve emissions, range, noise pollution and payload, the company is considering all options to achieve its emission-reduction goals.