FORS Professional training available to book for September

FORS Professional training available to book for September

FORS Professional trainingPlaces are now available to book for September on a range of FORS Professional discounted Fleet Management Essentials (FME), FORS Practitioner and Practitioner Recertification training modules.

FORS Practitioner demonstrates that you’re on top of the latest best-practice industry developments and indicates your desire for continued professional development. Five new FORS Practitioner courses were rolled out earlier this year alongside a new, more flexible way to achieve Practitioner status. Instead of completing ten mandatory courses, you can now achieve Practitioner status by completing six mandatory modules and picking the remaining four from a group of nine optional modules. To view a table explaining which courses are mandatory versus optional, click here. To book your place(s) on the new and improved FORS Practitioner, click here.

Practitioner Recertification is a one-day FORS Practitioner re-certification course which provides a further five-year qualification. To book your place(s), click here.

Fleet Management Essentials (FME) is a comprehensive training course for fleet management and supervisory staff. It provides an overview of good transport management principles and supports the continuous and effective management of a transport operation.

  • FME2 Car and Van (comprehensive) – an extensive and interactive full day course designed to embed learning at a steady pace. To book your place(s), click here.
  • FME2 Car and Van (intensive) – an alternative fast paced half day course that is much less interactive. To book your place(s), click here.
  • FME O-Licence Awareness is a full day training course for managers of HGV or PCV fleets that provides evidence for Manager CPC refresher and Bronze requirement M3 – Responsible Person. To book your place(s), click here.