FORS invests in new Helpline technology to improve customer experience

FORS invests in new Helpline technology to improve customer experience

  • Helpline uses AI to direct calls and provide call-waiting messages
  • New automation features manage service more efficiently


The FORS Helpline is the first port of call for FORS Accredited Operators seeking guidance on any aspect of the scheme. In 2023, the Helpline team handled more than 42,500 interactions from over 2,400 companies, making and receiving a total of 20,081 calls and responding to 22,613 email queries.

Looking for ways to improve customer experience, 2023 saw the launch of a new omnichannel contact centre. The solution provides a brand-new Cloud-based contact centre, supporting natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition.

The new system helps callers to quickly navigate through menu options, which in turn allows the FORS Helpline team to better identify and track calls. Another tool asks callers to explain the object of their query, and then matches that response to a set of pre-determined subjects. Helpline staff can then immediately identify the purpose of the call.

FORS Helpline Manager Christina O’Keeffe said, “The majority of our calls are around topics such as booking an audit, accreditation levels and help with toolkits and training. Having the calls pre-screened not only helps staff to give operators advice quickly and easily, but also gives our team a simplified and calmer working environment.”

“FORS is always looking to evolve and improve customer experience, so we are in the process of looking at other ways that the Helpline can provide added value and direct operators to the information they need. Thanks to the new cloud-based contact centre, we believe we are already offering a better customer experience to our thousands of customers and a more productive platform to our Helpline staff.”

A recent survey of over 490 FORS Accredited Operators found that more than 85 per cent of those who used the Helpline services rated their experience as Excellent or Good.