ProVision Vehicle Cameras – giving FORS members the ‘complete picture’

ProVision Vehicle Cameras – giving FORS members the ‘complete picture’

  • Provision logoFORS is pleased to announce that ProVision Vehicle Cameras has joined the scheme as a FORS Associate
  • ProVision is offering FORS members a 10% discount off RRP on all cameras and recording systems with CameraMatics
  • FORS Associates are the select group of companies that provide services and offers to FORS members

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, welcomes ProVision Vehicle Cameras to the scheme as a FORS Associate. ProVision is a nationwide supplier of vehicle safety cameras with an embedded tracking and telematics solution, combining cutting edge hardware with a cloud-based management suite and apps.

“The FORS Associates scheme is just one of the many benefits available to our members and we are delighted to have over eighty companies on board, providing services and solutions to help our members achieve best practice,” said Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager. “ProVision Vehicle Cameras provides a valuable service, supporting fleet managers in the management and monitoring of fleets and we are delighted that ProVision has joined us to support the many companies striving for higher standards in the industry.”

The system allows fleet managers to monitor their fleet in real time, or view historic video journeys using the app or a PC to track and view relevant vehicle data and receive customised alerts when incidents occur, giving managers all the information they need to manage the risks of running commercial vehicles. This means that fleet managers no longer have to interpret telematics data to try and recreate incidents and accidents, they now have full video footage combined with all the usual telematics data, to recreate exactly what happened.

Should an incident occur, fleet managers can log in to find the specific incident. They can then download a package of data including the video feed leading up to the incident and immediately after, along with precise location and vehicle data. Camera configurations provide a complete record of everything that occurred inside and outside the vehicle before, during and after the incident. Furthermore, ProVision delivers additional critical data, through the use of a vehicle-check app and an accident report app. These two apps allow the drivers to add crucial additional layers of data that are invaluable to insurance companies and the authorities to clear the company and drivers of wrongdoing.

ProVision is offering an exclusive discount to FORS members, who can receive a 10% discount off RRP on all cameras and recording systems with CameraMatics until 31/12/2017.

Simon Murray, Director at ProVision Vehicle Cameras said “With over a decade of experience in driver safety, we know the importance of having a strong risk management strategy when running a fleet. We decided to join FORS because it signifies quality, which is reflected in our products that are specifically designed for heavy use vehicles.”

For more information on ProVision’s offer for FORS members, please see here.