Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd – Keeping a Hold on Gold

Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd – Keeping a Hold on Gold


Established in 1984. Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd are the largest concrete pumping company in the UK, and after recently joining together with Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping now form part of the world’s leading concreted pump hire group. The operated hire fleet comprises small 16 metre to giant 63 metre boom pumps. In addition to which the Company boats an extensive range of non-operated static concrete pumps and placing booms. The company is based in Epping in Essex and has satellite depots all around the country providing truly national coverage. The company Transport Manager Richard Clark has seen improvements in MPG and in other key areas through using the FORS benchmarking system

We first encountered FORS whilst tendering for contracts across London. When we looked at the requirements and benefits of membership we quickly realized that FORS was clearly aligned to our Company objectives of improving safety, fuel efficiency and reducing our environmental impact.

2 As a Company we always have compliance, safety and the environment high on our agenda and whilst bronze accreditation was awarded first time, it was clear to see that there was still room for improvement in certain areas. FORS subsequently provided invaluable training, tools and constant advice to assist in improving our systems and policies.

Once bronze status was awarded, we immediately started to take advantage of the benefits provided by FORS. The performance management toolkit really assisted us when setting up our own bespoke in-house systems for MPG, emissions and accident monitoring.

We were re-audited in March of 2017 against the bronze standard in line with the timescale for gold accredited organisations. We passed at the first attempt, and whilst we found the process challenging against rigorous benchmarks, it proved to be very informative

“FORS has been instrumental in improving the company’s operations in many key areas “Richard Clark – Company Transport Manager

The FORS practitioner workshops attended so far have been invaluable to me as a Transport Manager in acquiring skills and knowledge and the safe urban driving courses and e-learning modules have given our drivers a much clearer insight to the impact that we, as a Company can make in many areas.

“The achievement of the ultimate FORS gold accreditation has definitely proved to be instrumental in securing competitive advantages “Tony Faud – Group Managing Director

It was clear to see that after initially gaining FORS bronze accreditation in 2013, that progressing to silver status which we did in 2016 and subsequently gold which we did in 2017, would not only help us stand out amongst our competitors in our individual industry, but also to demonstrate our commitment to the practice and spirit of FORS and our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in all key areas of the FORS standard




MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
Jan-Dec 2016 3.88 2.61 41
Nov 2016-Oct 2017 4.28 1.54 47
Percentage improvement 10.30% 41% (14%)

*Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms*

Number of PCNs – Increase of 14% due to increase of fleet size from 71 to 89

All new drivers, as part of the company induction process are required to complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire and declaration. They are also requested to carry out a standard 21m eye sight check. This is repeated and documented on a 6-monthly basis. To enable the company to monitor and manage driver health and fitness. The company has engaged the services of an external occupational health practitioner to carry out fitness to work assessments. These assessments are carried out and documented on a strict 3 yearly basis and the CBH (Construction Better Health) and DVLA class 1 medical standards are applied.

When looking to recruit new drivers we subsequently tend to draw on a relatively limited pool of skilled specialized operators from within the industry. This generally comes from referrals from existing staff or enquiries direct to HR. To improve on this situation, we now run an internal training programme where unskilled operatives are brought into the company and spend up to 3 months shadowing existing drivers and learning all aspects of the driving and operating side of the business before being allowed to operate alone. The company is always keen to promote from within and has enjoyed significant success in this policy to ensure ongoing high standards all drivers attend annual refresher training courses as well as on the spot site checks which are recorded and documented for quality assurance purposes.

3The company has always had a robust approach to noise pollution within its operation, however, The FORS standard has guided our focus and awareness on the need to eliminate or minimise noise pollution across as far as practicably possible. All Company drivers have been fully briefed on our Company Noise Pollution Policy to ensure that noise pollution is kept tan absolute minimum both within company premises and on our customer job sites as far as is practicable. This includes securing of ancillary equipment on our pumps, unnecessary engine idling, driving technique, and optimum route planning. Noise assessments have been carried out on various activities within depot based operations and appropriate measures have been taken to eliminate or minimise where possible.

Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd operate a fleet of mobile concrete pumps and as such no load is ever carried. The pump being a permanent fixture of the vehicle Due to the nature of the business all contract start times to construction sites are highly time sensitive due to the pumps having to arrive on site to meet concrete delivery wagons, as such the area road networks are heavily relied on and any form of modal shift is very restricted. Due to the nature and design of our range of concrete pumps and very restricted supply chain. There are currently no options to switch to any form of alternatively fuelled models.

The company continues to demonstrate its on-going commitment to maintaining its high standards in all possible areas, some of which are detailed below:

All vehicles are now fitted with TFL standard additional safety equipment including side proximity sensors and 360-degree cameras amongst others.

An anti-idle policy implemented last year forms part of our operator’s procedures manual to assist in reducing CO2 emissions and improving MPG,

All new pumps now being purchased are fitted with euro VI engines, again to assist in reducing CO2 emissions and improving MPG,

A vulnerable road user’s policy also implemented last year continues to increase driver awareness and improve best practise, this too forms part of our operator’s procedures manual.

Finally, to streamline the FORS risk related driving licence checking process. The company has engaged the services of the Licence Bureau. This service performs risk related checks in the background quickly, securely and accurately continuously analysing any changes in driver details to ensure that compliance with duty of care obligations is on-going

These new policies and improvements have all contributed to making measurable improvements in key areas of the business

Gaining FORS GOLD accreditation was a natural progression for Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd. This is the standard that we now aspire to and will be working to. We want to be at a consistently elevated level and as a Company being FORS gold accredited demonstrates commitment to FORS, our customer base and the public alike.


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