Month: January 2018

FORS is proud to announce Craig Brown as its 900th FORS Practitioner

Congratulations to Craig Brown, Plant and Transport Manager at FORS Silver member Galldris Construction, on becoming the 900th FORS Practitioner. Craig is now part of a fast-growing community of transport professionals who have raised their game by attending the full series of Practitioner workshops, equipping them with essential knowledge to help with the day-to-day running … Read more

FORS Professional – delivering quality training for the transport industry

We know that training and professional development is important to members, and in 2017 FORS invested heavily in developing its training offer for both managers and drivers through the FORS Professional training programme. Your commitment to improving community safety, operational efficiency and your impact on the environment was reflected in 2017 with over 27,000 drivers completing … Read more

New ‘Security and counter terrorism’ eLearning module launched

Following the launch of the latest, free-to-access FORS Professional eLearning module ‘Security and counter terrorism’ three weeks ago, around 80 drivers a day are now completing the training. Developed in response to the rise of commercial vehicles used in terrorist-related incidents, ‘Security and counter terrorism’ aims to raise driver awareness of potential security and terrorist … Read more

Press Release: FORS launches ‘Security and counter terrorism’ training

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, has launched a new ‘Security and counter terrorism’ online training resource. The introduction of the new eLearning module follows the disturbing rise in the use of commercial vehicles in terrorist-related incidents. Delivered through the dedicated FORS Professional training programme, ‘Security and counter terrorism’ aims to better focus a driver’s … Read more