STC Haulage – Going for gold

STC Haulage – Going for gold

STC Haulage has been established for 5 years sub-contracting within tarmac in London and currently have 5 32,000kg tipper lorries. As a small fleet we are looking to go into a different direction for 2018 and venture into articulated 440,00kg vehicles with walking floors.

By becoming a contracted haulier for tarmac they required us to have a bronze FORS accreditation. This is how we became aware of the fleet operator recognition scheme. We discovered the importance that FORS plays in supporting standards of quality and compliance as well as the other benefits which includes maintaining a high level of work standard for our staff, increasing the business in different aspects such as fuel maintenance and driver training.

We gained Bronze accreditation which we achieved following the initial audit with our transport accounts manager within tarmac. The audit process at first was a very unique experience. The process which we went through to achieve our initial bronze helped us improve interacting and improving our training with our drivers.

“FORS has helped us raise our safety standards over the years” – Jagmilan Sidhu (director)

All our vehicles are fitted with 360-degree cameras, near side proximity sensors, audible left turn alarms and side cameras. They also have Class IV, V, V1 Mirrors, flashing beacons on the cab of all vehicles, cyclist safety stickers to both the rear and sides of our vehicles.

We have found that the e-learning materials available through FORS are a useful way to help educate our drivers more and to help remind them of other risks and hazards they might have taken lightly in the past. All our drivers have completed safe urban driver courses and these e-learning modules. The Safe Urban Driver training and awareness of all vulnerable road users has been especially helpful to all our drivers as it gives our drivers a different perspective.

“FORS set our standard in vehicle data analysis to which we have improved” – Jagmilan Sidhu (director)

1We have established an ongoing plan to ensure driver recruitment is done correctly that we recruit the right people and identify any internal development opportunities all stuff in the company to improve knowledge.

Using available software tarmac measure noise levels across the business and have developed a risk management tool to identify individual and collective risks which could potentially impact on our business activity.



MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
Jan-Dec 2016 7.89 0 1
Jan-Dec 2017 8.5 1 1
Percentage improvement 4.4%

The future of the company is to ensure we that our safety record continues to be the highest standard, through driver training and fitment of vehicle safety equipment. We also are looking to expand the company by bringing in new vehicles including 44,000kg lorries and more 32,000kg tipper lorries.

All our HGV drivers must keep us up to date with any medical conditions which could restrict their ability to drive as health and safety is a key component in this industry. Any additional support needed from any of our staff will be given if possible. All our drivers are required to complete a health questionnaire at induction and every 12 months after.

In conclusion FORS has given us the ability to quickly, simply and effectively implement various strategies to ensure the company and fleet operates as safely as is possible. Also, it has helped us be more fuel efficient and road safe. Thanks to FORS we now have access to tools such as e-learning and other training courses that we would otherwise have been unaware of. Being gold accredited would mean we are achieving the best possible practice for us. But Going forward we also want to continue to reduce harmful emissions and the impact we as a company have on the environment.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.